Whats on your iPod? – Belle Amie

What’s on your iPod Belle Amie?
As we all know Little Mix were the first group to win the X Factor and their single Cannonball has brought them a large following.  However former X Factor finalists Belle Amie now a threesome have recently released their own single.


Belle Amie - Whats on your iPod?

Whats on your iPod Belle Amie


We took the opportunity to take advantage of the girls’ good nature and asked them what the top tracks on their iPod are.  So this is normally a Top 5, but as there are three girls we broke the rules and allowed them to have 6.


Mia – Bad Girls

Lloyd – Dedication to My Ex


Flo Rida – Wild Ones

Rihanna – Watch and Learn


m83 – Midnight City

Skrillex ft Ellie Goulding – Summit

And the girls all have a shared love for Gotye

So what do you think of the girls’ choices? Leave a comment here or shout out to us on Twitter.


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