Much Ado About Bashy

When the Hip Hop Shakespeare company first came about there was outcry from the purists.  Surely the legendary Bard would be turning in his grave.  Back to the real world and most people in the know count Hip Hop acts as urban poets, with some even comparing the lyrical genius from the likes of Eminem as a modern day Shakespeare.  So it actually seems fit that their is an ode to Shakespeare.

Award-winning rapper/actor Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas has been added to the lineup to complete the First Direct Dialogue Festival 2011 line up. On Friday 4th November, in a nod to William Shakespeare, one of the greatest British literature legends of our time, Bashy will collaborate with Akala and The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company in a night of intense vocal word throw down. Expectvocal accents, lyrical references, rhyme wizardry and serious swagger.

UK Grime Bashy does Shakespeare

UK Grime Artist Bashy to take on Shakespeare

The Urban Music award winner and Mobo nominee will be performing in a one off lyrical night, as part of the four day festival which celebrates the art of conversation in a series of thought-provoking, creative and inspiring displays of discussion and exchange. Describing himself as a social street commentator Bashy will share the stage with legendary punk poet and performer John Cooper Clarke, Tim Key and high profile poets Sabrina Mahfouz and Murray Lachlan Young

The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company will produce a bespoke “Hip Hop Shakespeare Live” performance as part of the inaugural Festival.  The performance will be hosted by Akala who will be joined onstage by the infamous THSC live band, undiscovered young talent & special guest award winning artist and renowned actor Ashley ‘Bashy’ Thomas all performing a medley of songs inspired by scenes/themes from famous Shakespeare plays/sonnets.  Bashy AKA Ashley Thomas comments, “If Shakespeare was still alive I’d collaborate with him for sure, he’d bring some sick lyrics to the table. He’s been a real influence in my career so I’m really excited about being a part of this project.”

The four-day festival is taking place in Notting Hill from the 2nd to the 5th November showcasing a diverse selection of artists, fusing music, comedy, debate and rhyme, in a four-day celebration of the spoken word.


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