Madness – Time to Give up?

Madness are featuring on an ad for ‘premium’ lager brand Kronenburg.  It features the iconic track ‘Baggy Trousers’ which has been rewritten for the ad.  The track is also slowed down to change it beyond recognition.  First off the track was released 30 years ago and was meant to symbolise the adolescence and recent memories of school.  Just not the same with 40 somethings displaying beer guts slowly forcing the tune out.  The track has been ruined in our humble opinion, with Suggs struggling to come to terms with his new mature status.

Secondly the boys just don’t really have the same appeal as they did when they were full of energy and bursting on the scene.  Seeing them live recently the boys were sweating away and the voices have gone.  Really not the same.

Don’t forget, the musical.  We need to stop now before we say something really harsh.  We would like to remember Madness when they were in their prime in the 80s not the sell-outs they have become now.



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