Interview with AR Band by Kim MM

Our resident metal expert Kim MM is on a bit of a roll at the moment. After her chats with Frank Turner and Mishkin, Kim caught up with Cambridge act AR Band.  The interview is a bit mad, which is a refection of the boys attitude as a whole. There does seem to be toilet humour aplenty and a common fondness of curry.

Jhon (Vocals & Guitar)
Who writes the music and lyrics?
A small toilet roll holder known by the name Chaffinch. Sometimes he gets a bit vein and insist we name songs after him. On occasion he doesn’t have what we need and covers up the fact by singing his latest song ideas. After a Vindaloo challenge, this can be frustrating.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
On tour we desperately needed a shower, all we had available was a ham flannel.
Have you got any regrets?
We have on many occasion written some awful cheese. Don’t get me wrong, we love cheese but perhaps not the AR musical variety. Going bald was perhaps not the best career move. Biggest regret however was allowing Simon to bring a pedal board on tour. 
What would you like to be remembered as?
A Cheryl Cole tribute act.
Lox (Drums)
For those that dont know much about you, describe yourselves in 5 words.
Metal with a humorous edge
If you had to put your music in an established genre/category how would you describe it?
What makes you different from all other metal bands?
Hopefully not having the angry attitude associated with alot of metal bands, actually having fun and showing it!
What is the best song you have ever created?
One never to be reconstructed on the bum whistle

Richard (Guitar)
Favourite album?
The Party Album by Vengaboys. A musical tour de force.
How do you balance your life with the music?
It’s fairly easy. Simon keeps me locked in a cupboard, letting me out for rehearsals and gigs.
What are you looking forward to the most this year?
Writing, gigging and recording new material. And Christmas.

Simon (Bass)
If you were making a video for any of your music explain the idea to us?
We’ve already shot our first music video, it’s live footage from us at the Relentless Garage in London plus some backstage stuff. But we did have an idea for another video where we’ll all dress up as horrible looking clowns!
Who is the biggest influence on you?
Curry is the single most important resource we have.
How is the internet impacting rock/metal music?

I think they way the internet has affected the industry most positively, is also what is killing it! It’s now easier than ever to get your music out to the whole world. So where as before you could just do some gigs and build a fan base in your area, you now can get fans across the country just by using Facebook or MySpace. But I think this has created too much competition and choice for people, so a lot of bands are getting to a certain level but not “making it”… ’cause we have too many good bands who are also at the same level.
Any famous last words?
Crab tights.
Angry sick.
Frantic busy.


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