Frank Turner Interview

You may remember our resident rock expert Kim MM went to the Frank Turner gig the other day and gave you all a review of the evening.  Well sneaky little Kim also managed to get Frank to answer a few questions.  Find out what they said to each other here.

How is the new album coming along?

It’s done and dusted, and I’m very pleased with it, can’t actually wait
for it to be released so people can finally hear it.
What have you got coming up that you are most excited about?

There are some cool festivals coming up in the summer, especially Reading
and Leeds. Then we have a full US and Canada headline tour in the autumn,
which I am very excited about.
You have kept all the venues pretty small, it’s just you and the guitar,
why is that?

Lots of people in the UK have been saying that they miss seeing me in that
context, and I aim to please, so we organised this tour. It’s a nice
change for me as well. The only problem is that everything sold out very
fast and a lot of people can’t make the shows, but then we’ll have another
big UK tour before the end of the year.
What was the last thing that inspired you?

Watching Franz Nicolay and Ben Marwood every night on this tour inspires me.
You come from a post hardcode background, what made you change your sound?

Getting older.
Over the years you have actively supported many charities, most recently
you did some “secret” gigs; how did it go?

They were really great, a good time, and we raised a bunch of cash for a
good cause. I’ll be doing more of them sometime.


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