Exclusive Interview With Megaman from So Solid Crew


So Solid Crew – Megaman

Name: Mr Vincent

Age: 32

Where are you were: born London

Football team: Liverpool

Megaman, there were a lot of you in So Solid Crew, remind us who was in the original line-up and why did it change?

There was never an original line up its down to the artists them selves to prove how much they wanted it.

Your manager must have been one strong person. How could they possibly control so many strong characters?

My manager did not manage the whole crew is was more about making sure business was ok, only when deals where placed it was an option.

How did you all meet?

Various places funny question as the guys are from all over London

Given the backgrounds and where most of the crew were brought up there was always going to be controversy surrounding you. Did any of the bad press ever effect you or any of the others?

Yeh course everything we went effected us good or bad but only the willing continue not to let it phase them being an artist is not easy and its even harder these days.

You yourself got prosecuted but found innocent during the retrial. Describe what you were going through at the time?

Mixed emotions but getting not guilty after 3trials I was emotionally drained and just needed time to myself to regroup on where I should start next.

Who was the practical joker of the pack?


21 seconds was a huge tune at the time, how did it come about? Who wrote and produced it?

Well it was an idea of afew of the lad G.MAN, ASHER D ..etc.. just to see how much people we could get on 1 track then to make it happen was the next stage, every1 wrote their own lyrics the 1 that stood out the most was Kaish so it became the “hook of the century” the sickest hook the UK still sing today.

A lot of people are getting a second wave on 21 seconds. Would you consider re-releasing it either with the original crew or maybe some new faces?

I have a 2011 mix of it which i thinking on sharing with the public soon.

UK garage was huge back in the day with acts like yourselves, Big Brovas, Artful Dodger etc. Who was your biggest rival and why?

We didnt have any we were a crew and even though there were afew crew we hated none and our mission was different we werent thinking about rivals at that time we just wanted more & more & more deals more money more music…etc

The UK urban scene as a whole is now quite mainstream with grime moving in to the charts. Is that a good or bad thing for UK urban music?

Its a good thing for the entertainment world period.

Who would you most like to do a collaboration with, anybody living or dead?

I’m not too picky the collaboration just has to make sense and be worth our time.

Any chance of you working with the likes of Dizzee Rascal or Tinie Tempah?

Tinie as his music is more my type of thing.

Whats happenning in life for Megaman at the moment? 

Always been a family man as both sides are very close, kid 1 equals 1 problem child for now 15 on the way lmao

What projects are you currently working on?

I never stop as ive signed so many people in my time im racking up almost over 400 track some of which I like dont like but the rest need some strong marketing behind it or they will stay locked away lol.

You had some history in pirate radio. For you how important is pirate/community radio to the urban music scene?

Very important them times it was a practice stage before TV n mainstream release, now artists are practicing on TV so they trying to skip it out but very important up to this day.

Does the whole group still keep in touch?

Most of the time.

If you hadn’t been in music what do you think you would be doing now?

Football or and running businesses.

If I said to you that you had just won the lottery what would be the first thing you would do?

Travel the world seeking more information in how to tripple it.

Harvey and some of the crew featured in The Games, would you consider a stint on a reality TV show? Maybe eating bugs in the Jungle?

Nah i dont take them type of show its more for the Harveys, Romeos, and Lisas, I like to be in the background.

Dance and garage seems to be permetating itself in US music now, with acts such as Snoop and BEP getting in on it. Would you like to get in to the real dance scene?

Its always good to try something new cause as rappers we do love other styles of music so trying 1 r 2 tracks as a feature wouldnt be a problem like those artists do but to make it a single of mine and release dance music aint my thing.

Who has the most influential person been in your career?

Its not even a person its my family this is why i do this.

If you could offer one tip for any youngster trying to break in to the music scene what would it be?

Stay reaching for the starz the skys too close, this is how you got the thing these days out of this world.


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