2Nite by Dr Dre ft Kendrick Lamar and Jeremih (Review)

Review of 2Nite by Dr Dre ft Kendrick Lamar and Jeremih

So Dr Dre isn’t happy with becoming Hip Hop’s richest man and selling Beats to Apple, he just decides to casually drop a new tune with no announcement and expected fan fare.  He doesn’t just do that but he also throws in a collaboration with two of urban music’s biggest contemporary names in the shape of Kendrick Lamar and Jeremih.

Review of 2Nite by Dr Dre ft Kendrick Lamar and Jeremih

2Nite by Dr Dre ft Kendrick Lamar and Jeremih

The subject matter seems more akin to a Jeremih track than Dre and I think it will transpire later that this appears on a Jeremih album.  Dre delivers his verse in his own unmistakeable style, albeit with a couple of strange anomalies thrown in.  Kendrick’s appearance adds to the overall experience, as you would expect, his flow is just so smooth and feels tailor made for this kind of slow jam.

Jeremih is however the dominant force on the track, deliver a real RnB banger with his mates Dre and Lamar popping round to add some bars.  This feels like fire to me.  Quality production with real RnB music and a light Hip Hop layer.  Strong verses from Dre and Kendrick and good singing means this will be a floor filler for RnB loving ladies.

Definitely a (pleasant) surprise to hear Dre spit some verses again, lets hope he does more than a solitary track this time round.

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Prodigy Headline Creamfields Ibiza

The Prodigy Announced Headliners of Creamfields Ibiza 2015

Cream is synonymous with dance music and it was only fitting that it was the first club to take an Ibiza residency, now over 20 years ago.  Cream has been as much a part of Ibiza as, drunk Brits, inappropriate behaviour and promo staff ever since.  This year the Liverpool club giant takes its Ibiza presence to a whole new level.  Creamfields comes to Ibiza for 2015.

Saturday 1st August will see Creamfields Ibiza take over Playa D’en Bossa spreading itself across the Ushuaïa Complex including Ushuaïa Club, Hard Rock Hotel and the Ushuaïa Tower.

Prodigy headline Creamfields Ibiza

Prodigy headline Creamfields Ibiza

Headlining this inaugural event is one of the world’s biggest dance acts The Prodigy, a seminal act that has played an integral part in the evolution of the dance scene since the early 90’s and whose electrifying live shows are legendary, they will be joined by over 25 of the hottest electronic artists including Above & Beyond, Afrojack, Andrea Oliva, Annie Mac, Ben Pearce, Deetron, DJ Sneak, Eddie Temple Morris, Hannah Wants,  Ilario Alicante, Los Suruba, Matrix & Futurebound, Mistajam, MK, Modestep, Pendulum (DJ Set), Pete Tong, Sigma, Steve Angello and Wilkinson.

The line-up and how to get tickets follows:


The Prodigy

Eddie Temple-Morris

Matrix & Futurebound


Pendulum (DJ Set)




Annie Mac

Hannah Wants



+ more


Above & Beyond


Steve Angello

+ more


Andrea Oliva

Ben Pearce


DJ Sneak

Ilario Alicante

Los Suruba

Pete Tong


Creamfields Ibiza – Saturday 1st August 2015

Ushuaïa  Complex, Playa D’en Bossa, Ibiza

12pm – midnight

www.creamfieldsibiza.com / Tel: +44 (0) 151 707 1309

Facebook: www.facebook.com/creamfieldsibiza / @Creamfields_IBZ

@creamfieldsibiza / #CreamfieldsIbiza


PRICE: €70+BF (Early Bird)

For VIP tables please email: creamfields.vip@thenightleague.com






Pretty Girls by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea (Review)

Review of Pretty Girls by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is the current queen of collaborations, but this one came as a bit of a surprise.  Britney is working hard to make this comeback as successful as possible, but this seems a step too far for Iggy as she appears to be slowly losing credibility as a female rapper.

Review of Pretty Girls by Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea

Pretty Girls is a fun, radio friendly pop song that suits Britney Spears to a tee.  This is actually one of Britney’s better tracks as it has a decent pop hook and utilises some of the distinctive chart urban sounds that have accompanied Iggy Azalea‘s music.  The video is also quite fun, utilising the complete US bubble gum feel.

There are some strange cuts in the whole story though, including when an alien Iggy fixed Britney’s 1980s phone and transforms it in to a up to the minute Samsung.  I just wonder how much Samsung paid for that placement.  Pretty sure you have to state product placement in videos (one for the trademark lawyers).

Overall, as I mentioned above its harmless pop music, that sees Britney come out OK.  Iggy’s involvement is limited beyond a few lines and a poor US accent.  This does her know favours as a performer and you have to question who her advisors are.  Its an undoubted commercial decision, so good luck to them.  Its pretty much bang on to work, this review is a week after it went on to YouTube and the video for Pretty Girls has already amassed over 21m views.  Not bad.

Why not add to that number and view the video here, let us know what you think.

High off My Love by Paris Hilton ft Birdman (Review)

Review of High Off My Love by Paris Hilton ft Birdman

So before I start listening to High Off My Love, the mere fact its Paris Hilton makes me sceptical, nay, cynical, but as it is getting a bit of attention, it feels only right we take a look at it for the lovely readers of Music Eyz.

Paris Hilton High Off My Love

Paris Hilton High Off My Love

The opening bars, sound like an old horror film with chilling off key piano, Then unfortunately Paris Hilton starts to sing, keeping the scarey theme alive, her extremely treated voice, goes through you like somebody scratching their nails down an old school blackboard.  Anyway, moving on.  The opening line says “so you think I’m bad babe” well let me stop you right there Ms Hilton, no I don’t.  I think your music is bad, but not you.

The video uses the old adage sex sells.  With steamy scenes that wouldn’t be lost in a really cheap adult party or low budget specialist interest movie.  The production values in the video to be fair are OK.  The scenes however are over the top and not something we care to see.  The varying points of Paris Hilton‘s voice mixed over each other is annoying.  The overly cheesy dance beats and effect does show that Paris probably had a greater say in the composition than she probably should have.

Why Birdman put his name to this is beyond me, unless he got a BIG pay packet.  His verse is weak and stinks of being shoe horned in to try and garner some credibility.

High Off My Love isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  However, my levels were extremely low.  Poor track that only fans of Paris Hilton will like.  I will leave it though, thanks.

KRS One at Jazz Cafe, London (Gig Review)

Review of KRS One Gig at Jazz Cafe, London

There are names that stand out in the Hip Hop Hall of Fame.  Chuck D, Dr Dre, Grandmaster Flash, Rakim, Slick Rick, Biggie, Tupac, Q Tip and Wu Tang among many others.  But up there and potentially right at the top is KRS One.

KRS One plays London's Jazz Cafe

KRS One plays London’s Jazz Cafe

KRS One may not be a household name to today’s rap/grime/hip hop fan, but without KRS One, it is unlikely the genre would have progressed to the extent it has.  KRS One inspired a generation around him with tight flows, rhymes with real meaning and expertly produced tracks that stay true to the real roots of Hip Hop.  What really makes KRS One stand out is that he is a true MC.  To further back this real Hip Hop feel, KRS One wrote his first lyrics while struggling in a homeless shelter, since then he hasn’t looked back.

He hasn’t targeted mass commercial success that the likes of Dre, Snoop and latterly Jay Z have hungered for.  He hasn’t diversified into other areas such as films, technology, water (yes look up 50 Cent) or streaming services.  KRS One is first and foremost an artist on the mic.  He has never compromised that and has never been distracted.  While that enviable approached has undoubtedly starved him of millions of dollars, he still remains a genuine Hip Hop legend.

All that being said, how could I turn down the chance to see the master in action.  With such a build up and with KRS One knocking on a bit (he is 49 now) could he recapture those golden years in a hyped live set.

So as he entered the stage in his normal unassuming way, no glitz, no white suits, no ensemble of 100 dancers or backing singers, just him in his leather jacket and wooden hat.  Keeping it even more real he also has his son on the decks as his chief selector.  But does he still cut it?

What a stupid question.  KRS One was fire.  The man dominated proceedings, expertly laying down his skills and setting the benchmark as the best MC in the business.  Helped with a unrivalled back catalogue of genuine bangers, the crowd were proper hyped.  Step in to the World got such a reaction that I genuinely felt a chill and hairs standing on end, something I don’t think I have ever experienced in a Hip Hop gig. 

Similar responses greeted South Bronx which again sets a perfect back drop to KRS One as an artist.  Black Cop and one of my all-time favourite tracks Sound of Da Police were played together effortlessly by the young offspring who did dad proud all night.  I pretty much lost it at this stage and almost broke my neck from banging my head.  The medley felt timely in the wake of the recent shootings by police in the US.

KRS One rolled out some new material which was warmly greeted and showed that he can still be current.  KRS One has out lived all of his contemporaries and that his due to his credibility and the fact he based his material on his real life. It wasn’t about ho’s, pimps and money.  This show played true to all of what makes KRS One a legend, the show was the best gig I have seen all year.

Other “emcees act like they don’t know” but KRS One is still the master of Hip Hop.

Top 5 with Jon Bentley

Top 5 with Jon Bentley

We have revamped our Top 5 series.  Previously called Top 5 on your iPod, we have removed the device name due to the reduction in relevance.  From this point in, we will be asking public faces to simply tell us their Top 5 tracks of the moment.

The first in this series is TV presenter Jon Bentley.  Best known as a presenter on The Gadget Show Jon could have told us about removing the iPod from the feature.  Previous to The Gadget Show, Jon was involved in Top Gear and Fifth Gear.  Jon told Music Eyz that he tends to listen to music on the radio, as he enjoys the unexpected discovery the medium presents.

However, Jon Bentley has given us the five tracks he really loves at the moment

1. Thelonious MonkRaise Four (from Underground) – addictive dissonance that starts simple then develops in its complexity

Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk

2. Nina SimoneI Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free – ecstatically passionate and emotional

3. Mozart Piano Sonata in C K545 1st Movt. Allegro played by Mitsuko Uchida. I love Mitsuko‘s energetically delicate interpretations of Mozart.

Mitsuko Uchida

Mitsuko Uchida

4. Jake ThackrayLeopold Alcocks. I find his lyrics deeply funny even when you listen to the tracks again and again.

Jake Thackray

Jake Thackray

5. MuseUprising Great keyboard-pounding music to work to…or drive to.

Ibeyi by Ibeyi (Album Review)

The Effortless Melange that is IBEYI

An Album Review of Their Eponymous Debut

Mortals, musicians and followers of all things music, I hail thee. I’m glad to finally be back on the site after what seemed to be a stretched hiatus. I have spent the year so far discovering new music, forming opinions, travelling and working on music of my own; amongst other things.

Review of the Ibeyi self titled album

Review of the Ibeyi self titled album

On my journeys I discovered the blessing known to us as IBEYI. A French-Cuban duo made up of twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz. They sing in English and Yoruba, a Nigerian language their ancestors spoke before being brought to Cuba by the Spanish.

Lisa’s is the lead voice. Naomi plays traditional Yoruba-Cuban percussion instruments cajón and Batá drum, while Lisa also plays piano.

Ibeyi is pronounced ee-bey-ee. In the Yoruba language this translates as “twins”.

Their music is a poignant mix of Yoruba, French, and Afro-Cuban and fuses rock syncopation and synths with  jazz with a hint of Afro-beat (when I say Afro-beat, please allude to Fela and not the bubble-gum stuff we hear on European radio tagged as such irrespective of its lack of similarity to the true form.) When I listen to them, I hear the vibrancy of the Buena Vista Social Club, the knowledge of self and depth of Asa and Nneka and maybe even the mystery of Imogen Heap. Yes. They are that great.


The Album review.

I would have loved to review it track by track but I discover in doing this I will leave nothing for you all to desire. So I will review my most resonating tracks and then give you a verdict.

Elegua: This acapela opens the album for us. Elegua the Yoruba god of crossroads is offered a prayer in this song. One in which they ask that he does not turn from them even as he is a good god whom they have come to. “Echu Odara. Omo ni a l’a wa maa ma ke n’irawo e.”  (Yes I barely understand Nigerian Yoruba and so I write what I hear.)

What we like about this track?

Its introduction of the duo as singers in their own right. Without the fanciness of instrumentation.

Oya: This a prayer to the goddess of the river. Also known as Osun. They speak of having found or gained nothing without having been touched by the figurative hand of Oya. Hence ”Take me Oya” And the single plea to be spoken to  to at the end solidifies the theme. “Oya we mi l’oro e.(Bathe me with your word Oya.)

Ghosts: This is the first song that speaks to someone else other than the deities whom they hold dear. Lisa sings to a lover  and asks that she can feel this love indeed because she will not lie but her ghosts are still with her but she needs said love because:

”We are nothing without love” This is a track that resonates with everyone. Love is indeed a beautiful thing and the bajon playing mellow hip-hop beat made this track even more beautiful.

River: SOUL FUSION! That is all I can say about this track. Have you seen the video? If not, find it. “We mi le Osun… Osun de de”

Mama Says: This song speaks on how sad they had to watch their mother feel after the passing of their father, Anga Diaz, percussionist with the Buenos Vista Club. The story they tell also resonates with the story of Oya. Wife and lover of Sango, god of thunder who was so distraught after his demise that she left her twins- Ibeyi  to be cared for by Yemoja , Eldest wife of Sango and Mother of Earth. I liked the subtle duality of the story behind this track. ☺

Singles: The Single (wo)man’s theme song!!!

It speaks on the questions on the mind of a singleton like:

Will I feel the warmth and reassurance of love?

When will love find me?

Just why me really???

“Oh Lord…who will come and take this weight?”

Because: “Singles go back latest; searching love of their own…”



I’m grateful for an album I can put on repeat for 24 hours this year!

We at @Musiceyz  adore your music. The love you show for the craft has been unrivalled this year. My only regret this year was that tickets for gigs in March and July in Paris were sold out since Feb☹



P.s They are signed to XL Recordings.

Buy on Itunes—- https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ibeyi/id933323057

Review by Natalie Wemambu

Interview with Girl Friend

Music Eyz Interview with Girl Friend

We have been giving Girl Friend some love (that doesn’t sound wrong) for a while now.  Last month, Music Eyz‘s own Hev Bailey caught up with Jake and Armory from the band when they began their tour in Manchester.  Hev talks 80s, Manchester and of course about their tour.

Interview with Girl Friend

Interview with Girl Friend

So It’s the first night of the tour. Are you nervous?

Amory: Uhm, I don’t think we’re nervous. More excited. We’ve been waiting for this for a while, we’ve been in rehearsals for about 2 weeks. We’re itching to get out there and start doing it.

Do you have any pre show rituals that you like to go through?

Amory: We don’t really have any yet. I guess we’ll probably develop them as this is the first sizeable Girl Friend tour.

Do you think you’ll end up doing exercises or drinking a certain drink?

Amory: Uh, well. I don’t drink beer so it’ll be red wine for me. I don’t know if that really a ritual as I enjoy doing that when I’m not playing.

So more like a life ritual then?

Amory: Yes, exactly!

While I was researching Girl Friend I’d read quite a few people saying you bring a lot of the Manchester sound in to your music. Is that something you did intentionally?

Amory: That’s interesting. I’m not sure that’s intentional.

Some people say you can hear a bit of Joy Division.

Jake: I have read that, yeah. It’s definitely not something we’ve tried to do.

Amory: I guess sometimes people project thing that they’re listening to on to you. I’m not sure if I hear anything like Joy Division but maybe things like New Order. It’s not a conscious thing to bring the Mancunian feel but we have lived here for a quite a while so I guess that’s something that’s developed in our subconscious. But those weren’t the influences we were thinking of when we were making this EP.

So what kind of influences were you thinking of?

Jake: A lot of 80’s pop really. Things like Soft Cell.

The 80’s feel does work really well. Do you feel a lot of pressure to have a new sound?

Jake: We don’t approach the song writing or production like ‘this is going to be 80’s’. We just love all that music so that comes through naturally.

Amory: I think the 80’s thing is a sonic thing whereas the song writing is a much more recent thing.

You find different influences musically and different influences lyrically?

Amory: Definitely, yeah. I listen to a lot of 80’s music when I’m writing music but the lyrics come from different things, from jottings down and I go back to the music and develop them when songs are half formed. I don’t really think there’s a certain band or lyricist I take influence from. I’m definitely inspired by them but I’m not thinking of anyone in particular when I’m writing.

When you were making your EP ‘Arrive Alone, Leave Alone’ did you have any music on whilst you were writing or any films to help the process?

Amory: It was recorded over a long period of time so I’m sure we were listening to a lot of different things.

Jake: Yeah, the songs were written at different times. ‘You Lead The Way’ was written about 2 months ago whereas ‘Stop’ was written 12 months ago so the influences have varied quite a lot.

Amory: Well, I am a tennis lover. And I remember watching the Monte Carlo tennis tournament and they were presenting the winner’s trophy. The sun was setting behind them and I thought ‘You know, that would make quite a good premise for a song!’ So I researched the King and Queen there and I wanted to write some kind of seedy love song about that, but then I thought it would probably never get played there if I did do that – so I put more of a romantic spin on it.

So now that you have this new music and you’re embarking on this big tour – do you have any expectations?

Jake: Well, we’d like to think we’ll gain some new fans. I mean most of the cities we’re going to we’re unknown.

Amory: Yeah, we’re trying to build the support for Girl Friend and looking to get more people on our side.

Lastly, what can everyone expect from Girl Friend in the next year?

Amory: Well, you can expect the EP to be released on the 27th and then beyond that we’re going to go back in to the studio and then do more touring.

Jake: Yeah, I think there’s going to be a lot more gigging. We’ve not toured before so we’re looking forward to this.

Well, we hope to see you back in Manchester soon and hope to be able to grab you for another interview.

Jake: Definitely!

Amory: We’d love to.

The Changing Look of Music (Infographic)

Infographic The Changing Look of Music

We sometimes delve in to when fashion and style blurs boundaries with music.  The industry spends millions of pounds styling artists and adapting looks to keep their talent current to changing tastes.  Some acts become as known for their look as they have been for their music.  This was especially true for the likes of Michael Jackson, Madonna and Boy George.  But today’s artists are just as flamboyant.  The infographic made with Gear4djs shows some of those changes with the likes of Kanye West and Rihanna included.  Some less obvious examples as well.

Have a look at this lovely infographic and obviously let us know what you think

Infographic Changing Look of Music

Infographic Changing Look of Music