Spaces by One Direction (Review)

Review of 1D – Spaces

One Direction Spaces

One Direction Spaces

Ok lets face it 1D are a few of ours guilty pleasure. OK well maybe not quite. Taken from forthcoming album releaseFour‘, Spaces has everything you’d expect and even more, the classic surround sound production, polished solo vocals and the heartfelt meaningful lyrics that some will no doubt have some read more into them than others…’Who’s gonna to be the first to say goodbye’…’Spaces between us’.  Spaces demonstrates a mature and tougher sounding One Direction, that differentiates them from the other ‘looky likey’ bands.  And with more dates added to their UK tour in 2015 and further worldwide domination hitting countries like the Philippines, we should celebrate 1D for spreading global ‘Britishness’, as well as simply making just good records.

Review by Jacqui Wright

Introducing Kyra and Her Track Bandages

Introducing Kyra and her latest signature track ‘Bandages’ from the EP of the same title.

The track ‘Bandages‘ was co-written by Maiday (Girls Aloud, Leona Lewis) and Fred Cox (Etta Bond, MNEK)
In 2012, Kyra experienced a personal tragedy, her brother Carl who had just turned 26 sadly passed away from Cancer, there was only 3 months from diagnosis to death.  Kyra had a need to express her emotional sadness during this time and used her love for songwriting to do so and ‘Bandages‘ was born.  The song is about comfort and hope in those times of complete despair.
KYRA Bandages

KYRA Bandages

The track opens with the soft strum of the guitar, it has a slight Latin sound to it, after a short intro, the beautiful voice of Kyra accompanies it. Kyra has such a clear tone to her voice, you can hear the emotion behind the lyrics that tells a story and if you listen behind the track you will hear the wonderful sound of a string instrument, my guess it’s the Cello. The track ‘Bandages‘ is a relaxed, simple yet elegant song and knowing the reason behind the lyrics brought a tear to my eye, it’s a song written for anyone who faces this kind of emotional struggle. The video is shot with Kyra walking through what looks like the streets of London, this is a song most of us can relate too.
I recommend you listen to ‘Bandages‘ when you have a quiet moment to interpret the lyrics and the gorgeous vocals by Kyra, in contrast have a listen to Kyra cover RudimentalsWaiting all Night‘ it’s one of the best versions that I have heard.
Review by Tina Robinson

Catfish And The Bottlemen at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (Gig Review)

Review of Catfish and the Bottlemen Gig in Nottingham

It seems I can’t turn on a radio show or pick up a mainstream music publication without the name Catfish and The Bottlemen name being mentioned.  Their huge support is led by luminary Zane Lowe.

Now this demonstrates my ignorance but up until a couple of months ago I had never heard of them.  Also until recently I had never heard of MTV’s hit show Catfish, so my immediate thought was to link the two.  Was this some kind of clever PR stunt? Was it actually some catfish types that hung round with bottle wielding yobs?  Obviously I didn’t let that misconception linger for too long and actually bothered to look them up. Obviously I couldn’t be further from the truth.

Catfish and the Bottlemen Gig

Catfish and the Bottlemen Gig

Guitar playing welsh four-piece are causing quite a stir.  Their debut album The Balcony entered the Top 10 in September and they were also recently named Best New Band at the debut BBC Music Awards

Often acts are quite blasé where awards are concerned.  Catfish and the Bottlemen do not fit that mould.  The gong took pride of place at the Nottingham gig on centre stage, sat neatly on the frontman’s amp.

The band entered the stage to a massive fanfare, somewhat reminiscent of a boxer’s ring entrance.  Smoke filled the stage, strobe lights erupted for a prolonged period that would have induced a fit in many and a huge backdrop of strong music.  Definitely not what we are used to seeing from modern indie acts.

None of this was a distraction though, in fact, it got the crowd just where the band wanted them.  The connection between band and adoring fans was clear and quite unusual in modern live music.  They loved the performance of latest single Pacifier and throughout the entire show the crowd were seen bouncing as one.  It was almost like frontman Van McCann was in control of a giant puppet show as he moved them all with uniform ease.

Performances of Kathleen and Homesick were memorable moments, the vocals delivered with aplomb supported with quality backing.  Not that you could properly critique the performances as the crowd drowned out McCann.  This was eclipsed when McCann completely removed himself from the equation for moments within the anthem Cocoon.  Maybe McCann’s mum was in the crowd, because he allowed them to sing the eff’s and jeff’s – he is such a good boy mum, honest!

For me, the quality of the performance was undeniable.  McCann in particular is a real showman.  Leading the crowd with experience that belies their relative infant career. Catfish and the Bottlemen definitely have something.  If they can continue this momentum, one can assume they will be returning to the BBC Music Awards next year to pick up another award.

Monuments To An Elegy by Smashing Pumpkins (Album Review)

Review of Smashing Pumpkins new album Monuments to an Elegy

In my mind Smashing Pumpkins have struggled to imprint themselves effectively as a genre leading act.  This will no doubt piss off the many thousands of their loyal fans, but I just don’t think they quite got their due to some unfortunate timing.  Always compared to Nirvana but rarely able to reach those heights, the Smashing Pumpkins have always played catch-up establishing their own style.

Monuments To An Elegy by Smashing Pumpkins

Monuments To An Elegy by Smashing Pumpkins

But Monuments to an Elegy is an opportunity to make an imprint on the cookie cutter state of modern heavy rock music,  Now Billy Corgan isn’t shy in coming forward and he would wholeheartedly disagree with everything I wrote in the opening paragraph, even potentially challenging me to a dual.  Well maybe not that far.  But Corgan is a very confident man and is happy to tell the world of how brilliant he and the band are.  Sorry, but I just can’t see it.

The Smashing Pumpkins sound is omni-present throughout the album.  Corgan’s guitar is a powerful constant throughout as is his distinctive voice.  So fans of Smashing Pumpkins will be happy.  People like me, will still think, beyond the undoubtedly talent Corgan, what is there really.  Whilst Corgan is good, I am not sure he is quite as brilliant as he himself believes.

Highlights include One and All and the synth driven Anaise!  However, there are also some complete garbage tracks such Being Biege and Dorian.  I do hope the latter isn’t a sign of undying love to their favourite show Birds of a Feather.  Run2me which features Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was surprisingly disappointing too.

Dorian Birds of a Feather

Dorian Birds of a Feather

Personally, and rock experts Al and Hev will kill me for saying this, but the album is not really up to scratch.  Maybe being in the game for over twenty years has taken its toll.  Sorry Smashing Pumpkins and rockers alike.  This isn’t good. 

This writer will now go in to hiding for an indefinite period to avoid the inevitable deluge of abuse that will come my way. Bye, its been real.

Manic Street Preachers in Glasgow (Gig Review)

Review of Manic Street Preachers gig in Glasgow

There are fewer modern day British acts as big as the Manic Street Preachers or as they are more affectionately none, The Manics.  So the fact that The Manics performed at, what they consider, one of their favourite venues in Glasgow Barrowlands, is bound to result in something good.  Right?

Manic Street Preachers in Glasgow

Manic Street Preachers in Glasgow

OK, that opening paragraph looked like this was set-up for a bit of a perverse kicking of the welsh band.  Nothing like it, this show was nothing short of special.  Manic Street Preachers (to give them their full name, ha) played in full their haunting album, The Holy Bible.  Obviously we have all heard the album at some point and mesmerised by its content, but to hear them play it out in full, some 20 years after release, was incredible.  You could feel the excited tension in the audience as everybody listened in awe.

The Holy Bible was very personal to The Manics and is believed to reflect the issues suffered by guitarist Richey Edwards at the time.  The highly charged record just seemed very personal and this was amplified by 100 hearing if live.  The album was also their final release prior to their unexpected 1995 vanishing act.  An even more poignant scene was the fact that the band deliberately kept the left of the stage vacant where Edwards would have stood.

This was an experience in itself.

Then in what felt like a completely separate set, the lights got turned up and the energy levels reached high octane levels.  It was as if Manic Street Preachers had to do the album before they could move on.  And move on they did.  They performed tracks from their twelfth album Futurology. You could forgive them for letting standards slip after such a long time on the scene, but did they? Hell no.  The highlight of the new stuff was the performance of A Design For Life.  The crowd reacted as if it was an old favourite.  They sang so loudly and as one that you feared the very structure of Barrowlands.  The noise from the loud play of Manic Street Preachers was enough, but to then add the raucous, volume of the passionate Glasgow crowd and you had an experience that will be difficult to match.

Whether the Manic Street Preachers can repeat this anytime soon, I don’t know.  But this show was immense.  It is the reason you go to live music and is the kind of experience you would talk about for years.  Hats off to The Manics – great performance from true legends.

Somethin Somethin by Uncle Frank (Review)

Review of Somethin’ Somethin’ by Uncle Frank

Ah yes, back to a time I am more relevant to, post apocalypse, less than a century and a quarter into the stars.

The future is Now.

Enter : nuclear energy powered organic mariachi guitar strings, “Bladerunner: Unplugged”. It’s just a little “Somethin’ Somethin‘” that will keep the warm coasts chill and breezy , and the territories facing more northward warm and cozy.

Somethin Somethin by Uncle Frank

Somethin Somethin by Uncle Frank

Yet, the sadness at times of being solo , floating in this ice box amongst the heavens deep in the blacks of the scosmos, can momentarily engulf the individual. I think back on the great Zen-Lavian hero Norad. Or the Corellian Han Solo. So even with the empathy that one feels coming from the organic vibrations that bounce through the crystalized cochlea of the audio intake.

The system is a communion of a continuum of a current of chi, energy. Accepting the present, positioning the ship, flowing with the solar winds, riding and taking the necessary steps one at a time, as smooth as a well deserved ice cold brew over the space module dash board. You accept, you take in the DATA.

Navigate deeper in, focusing. Homing in, finding compatibility.

“Eureka! This She-Bot is absolutely outta this world! She is the finest of all model systems amongst all the stars! Perfect, the location is a quick 3.45 light years , over on the blue dot.”

We wrinkle in time and bounce on down to Earth, in the Milky Way Cluster.

It’s a pleasant neighbourhood, a we angle into the blue light, into wavelengths,into hotter than hell gases in the exosphere. blasts from the solar winds smash against our projected ballistic trajectory. We rip through like  Eddie Aikau would go and do if he was navigating our space deck right through the thermos, then skip and leap like jigging hillbilly past on through the tides of the aurora borealis .

Heading lower and lower until we the much talked about cosmopolitan of metropolitan centers , the renowned and great Star City.

Its good air traffic, so we cruise on through midtown, enjoying the grids and splashes of images and clips of post modern day homosapiens engaging in transferring pressurized air levels into conducting mathematical theorums in an attempt to break down and build up the chemical reactions crunched in each model system. It is sounds and images as we float in our space runner, and we feel the strengthening of the power of that one thing we searching for.

We park and beamon down to the ancient cobblestone cement corridors, so dark, dank, grey, almost like meteor moss and space barnacles.

Yet, rolling through this primitive environment on the outer crust of this Earth planet is all worth it!

We are relieved . That one tiny, most powerful , perfection, that organic element even amongst the coldness of the metal sheets of iv=ce and stars, that exhaling of that well deserved cig, that weird sci-fi collage amour prevails blindly! Hears to you Uncle Frank. Mahalo.

Review by SIPE Star Studio

Masterpiece by Jessie J (Review)

Review of Masterpiece by Jessie J

Ah, waking up to that  familiar 21st century alarm sound of ” Snappy, snappy, …wakey-wakey, its a time too roll, baby,’ and we are off! like a GV(C-37) or better yet, a  JPL Rocket!” And here is the new one from Jessie J- Masterpiece

Review of Masterpiece by Jessie J

Review of Masterpiece by Jessie J

Our protagonist, Jessie J, staying most lamped in the comfort of soft goose feathered bed clouds, expresses her hustle with the ease of Presidential suite status. She flirts with the viewer. Yoda would comment “Such an eye candy is that fine booty”.  That essential factor, well, my dear family, that never hurts when it comes to attracting that cheddar, that status.

Grainy cuts mesh smoothly with crisp images of our heroine. Jessie J portrays the Independent Woman, the Go-Getter, ” La Dama De La…”, de la, or , for my English speaking family, of the Marathon. She is one smooth character rolling through this whole thing, not flashy, not totally suddle, clever, precious.

Not afraid to express open sentiment, the viewer can experience witnessing the softer quality of a proud female individual. This is important. Yet at the same time, our Artist portrays that new Punky Brewster with a twist of bad azz.

Clean cut like me after getting my cut from Big Lester on Fulton Downtown BK, Jessie J rolls in all sharp and bullet proof like a Miguel Cabarello three piece suit.

The aesthetics are consistent to the urban landscapes. This is a vital component to the audio scape of crispy drum breaks, and enlightening synthesized string notes.

Splashes of crimson and gold passion burst through as Jessie J continues to to sway with pleasant bravado and appealing enchantment. As she says, “it’s okay, (she’s) cool in here.”

Jessie J stays most lamped (I believe i stated this before.)

Its true talk. She performs openly, this is magnetic . She professes that she isn’t perfect, and this is what makes the lyrics , with the melody, flow perfectly with uplifting instrumental.

Enter the fans, the kids, the community, a reason why Jessie J promotes optimism through self work, patience, self meditation, dedication, breakthrough and transition. This really brings the piece as a whole, it really brings it on home.

So, yes, welcome to the world of today. The future, where there is an apettite for openness, pro activity, kindness, attractiveness, good hustle, and an engaged collective mass of all colours of the spectrum.

Yes, we stay balling from the graffiti covered urban SoCal looking set locations, right on back to self reflecting on the hotel room lanai. Big up Jessie J. Mahalo.

Review of SIPE Star Studio

I Told You by Humor (Review)

Review of Humour – I Told You

Back at the house party, the DJ got everyone shaking it and putting ‘em up , an the way we all enjoy!

This is the new soup opera, the young, and the restless, innocent, engaged, ready to get some,.

The new swing, full of flirtatious, and hip and cool vibrations, warmed with the body heat that elevates with each bounce and sip of that stuff in that plastic red cup famous amongst many events, including this particular evening event. I’m telling you.

The digitalised xylophone is the mantra that balances the invite into the night. Our host commences to profess what is his doctrine in this time and space. That is just how it is. Take him or leave him, as Humor is. He ain’t move faking.

No, dear family, we get into that “Captain Hook”, the chorus. Its postmodern. Soulful. House steezy, catchy in its melody, inviting and head nodding in its brightness.

According to what we, as the spectator of the experience unfolding, this is the drama element of this novella. Here is a miscommunication between two possible lovers, partners having friction, there is an imbalance between the whole conductivity of an exchange of communications. We can see this, most definitely through the perspective of the main character. There is a fading….as we return we enter cuts of the opening action of a parked car’s trunk.

Now, where I’m from, and I’m certain I am not the only one up in here, a popped trunk ,this usually is not a positive connotation. There could be weapons needed to be pulled out the popped trunk.Or something(someone) needs to be delivered, put into the popped trunk. Its like that old Beatnuts diddy “Reign of The Tech“.

The scene continues. As I predicted! …a dark twist of black Humor, as our Host presents himself almost, like a modern day young Frankenstein (big up Gene Wilder!) and now with his “Igor”, his accomplice, bounce and dance to the now ironically friendly instrumental. They toss a Nubian female with apparently attractive ankles ( yes I am a freak, but a harmless one , at times) into that opened, popped trunk. Then its a cut to a quickly paced time frame loop or whatever , a burst of energy as we fly across the motorway.

We are above the city, in a quite, more private area, on the side of the road, where the business at hand can be embarked. It is a serene location. The car is parked. The lights stay on. For effect.

The business at hand involves taking the afro-puffs wearing beauty of a female (who apparently really annoyed our Host ) out of the trunk and constraining her in a sanitarium strait jacket, while Humor rocks a blood stained white medical professional lab trench with a stethoscope.The Doctor is in.

Our lady is struggling to be free . She is blinded by the car headlights.She is trapped sitting there. She is jestered, antagonised by this mad man and his assistant, who is properly attired in blue scrubs. This can be reminiscent to a version of what occurs in many black site facilities hosted by intelligence gathering agencies and other special interest groups. A very disturbing event is witnessed as our lady is helpless to the taunts and antics of these two sickos.

Funny enough, the instrumentals so infectious that even our afro puffs rocking , strait jacketed hostage and her two  instigating kidnappers all dance and boogie in this demented version of the Stockholm Syndrome.

We return to earlier in the evening at the house party with our host looking like a sad pup while the chica continues to badger the poor fella (perhaps giving us, dear family, the subjective sense of wanting to shut her down, to leave him be).

The comrades singing along to the hook, his entourage, they all feel his woe, and express this and relate . It is as if we must witness the emphasising of a gap between two genders, as if there is no threshold in which there is an opportunity towards both parties standing on a common ground. Yet, another twist! The beat, the ride, the music , the boogie, this is the common ground, this is what the doctor, sick sense of Humor and all,( or perhaps sixth sense of Humor?), might be proposing through it all.

Happily, we return to the house party, where what do know, the party people are all vibing 21st century Soul Train party line status,crazy fun, stepping amongst the platinum stars (well, portrayed via balloons bouncing amongst the wooden dance floor). Getting their palates wet, getting their drizzy with the always familiar (and also common ground of a ) red plastic cup drink.

The party people all share a beautiful laugh, and a great time. Success Humor. Mahalo.

Review by SIPE Star Studio

PVRIS Announce UK Tour

PVRIS Announce UK Tour

One of this years most talked about bands, PVRIS are set to head to the UK for the first time next April to support Lower Than Atlantis (all bar Ireland) and then play two special headline shows.  Lead vocalist Lynn Gunn simply says “I’M SO EXCITED TO GO TO THE UK”. Full dates for all the shows are listed below.



In addition to the official videos which have in excess of 1.2 million views to date, the band have done a series of stripped down versions of album tracks and today, have released an incredible cover of Aluna George’s ‘You Know You Like It’

PVRIS will release their new single ‘My House’ on 12th January 2015. The track has already got incredible support from Radio 1 including ‘Rockest Record’ and daytime plays from Fearne Cotton. Check out the new video, which already has over 650,000 views

PVRIS (Supporting Lower Than Atlantis)

Friday 10th April O2 Academy, Oxford TICKETS

Sunday 12th April Riverside, Newcastle TICKETS

Monday 13th April The Garage, Glasgow TICKETS

Tuesday 14th April Academy 3, Manchester TICKETS

Wednesday 15th April The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham TICKETS

Thursday 16th April PVRIS HEADLINER Barfly, London TICKETS

Saturday18th April PVRIS HEADLINER  O2 Academy 3, Birmingham TICKETS

Monday 20th April The Marble Factory, Bristol

Tuesday 21st April The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth TICKETS

Wednesday 22nd April Concorde 2, Brighton TICKETS

Thursday 23rd April Epic Studios, Norwich TICKETS

Tickets onsale 10am Friday 12th December via LIVENATION.CO.UK / TICKETMASTER.CO.UK

PVRIS is composed of lead vocalist Lynn Gunn, guitarist Alex Babinski and bassist Brian MacDonald. They are the first female-fronted band to be signed to Rise Records.

Eva The EP by Eva (Review)

Eva The EP Review

Born Eva Elohor Alordiah, this Nigerian-born rapper-songwriter has created a niche for herself in African and indeed in global rap with her catchy and heartfelt lyrics, tidy punch lines and irreplicable style. (Check out her photos if in doubt).

Review of Eva The EP by Eva Alordiah

Review of Eva The EP by Eva Alordiah

Since 2009 when she brought us “I dey play” produced by dasuspect, make ‘em say, her first feature with Str8buttah and the The GIGO E.P her amazing debut which all came to us in succession, it was clear that we will indeed be definitely hearing timely , universal and relatable rap classics from this new starlet.

Since the release of her debut body of work, she has featured on quite number of tracks with notable African musicians and producers such as the electric David dasuspekt Peter on the Femcee version of the classic Capital Hill music rap collabo ” I no send you“, Bigfoot‘s “Mannequin” (Drawn from Katy Perry‘s version maybe?) among others as well as released Afro and East London club favorites such as “big biggie“, “Lights out“, ” SHUGA“- her rendition of the MTV SHUGA soap’s theme song and most recently, #Deaf – the track I shall always love no matter where her music journey takes her.

When she dropped the self-titled E.P a little over a week ago, my desire was to review it first for the team on the first day.

I mean, this is work done by a talented young woman with the BBC, Trace Urban and MTV base on her trail. Mans GATS Rush it!

But fate won’t have that it seems.

E.P produced and engineered by TinTin

Track by track review starts now.

1. Back from the High

So for anyone who hasn’t listened to the GIGO E.P, High was a track on which she had expressed her desire to achieve greatness both with her music career and in life in general.

This track speaks about the illusion of fame and popularity. She samples Frozen by Madonna.

She tells the listener about her beloved brothers who cheer for her, how she would love to give more than she presently can to her younger sibling and how she is indeed performing daily without a steady income but she is doing what she does for the love of music.

She divulges other universal truths about the life of a seemingly disillusioned artiste but has chosen the hook from Frozen to tell us that our views about life are based on what we want to see and that only we can change our lives because “we hold the key”.

2. 100 Percent.

To be honest, you really won’t expect this track to be a love song if you judged from the title only.

She shows us her feminine side and has a Soliloquy of sorts with her lover about her joys and fears and tells him what she would like in their relationship.

For me this track is the universal realistic lover’s track. Yes we know that it can only come on at certain hours of the day on radio, but she has won with this track. *bisous*

3. Double Double

This is the baller anthem! Seriously though. Picture Soho, Ibiza, Sin or Turks Head in Dublin, likwid, 24 Abuja or just a little apartment with the guys and some relaxation helpers. :P I kid.

I can’t explain this track properly. TinTin SLAYED this track totally. I almost was not even listening to the rap. Steller production.

Here, she shows us that she knows that she is in fact a rapper par excellence, with a growing global fan base. She also tells us how much of a goon she is because as explained by the pour it up by Rihanna sample she pours it up and has a great time. :)

4. Eva Says 14.

The outro.

Spoken word.

Here, Eva gives us 5 points to take away.

1. What you write lives forever.

2. Do not box yourself in because you are female.

3. You are not your bank account or body count, you are a being.

4. Every day gives us a fresh start.

5. Sometimes we miss opportunity because we are not ready to walk the road she is on.


Eva has truly grown since GIGO. More than garbage has gone in.

She has spent a lot of time in introspection and this rich offering is proof.

One can only wait for 1960- the album. 39 days 15 hrs 37 minutes 1 second.

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Written by Nathalie Wemambu (@da_sweetthin) for