Quite Frankly by Nina Baker (Album Review)

Review of Quite Frankly by Nina Baker

Nina Baker display a wide range of vocal talent and styles on her new album Quite Frankly.  The album gives the impression of a looking glass on Nina’s heart.  It conveys heartache and deep lying themes of self-exploration.  The album tweaks from tracks with a Lily Allen sense to them to delightfully constructed 90s pop.

Nina Baker Quite Frankly

Nina Baker Quite Frankly

The opening track is a bit cheeky and whether or not it is one from self-experience we may never know.  Single Bed is as feisty as it is whimsical and sets the nail in the coffin for a would-be BAE with the lyric “I don’t need you in my single bed”.  Bruising changes in style but still leads on relationships, with a feel of a relationship deteriorating to its demise.

Breaking Every Rule feels almost acoustic and allows Nina Baker to expose her vocals to their fullest.  Baker shows that you don’t need to have a mega recording deal to be able to deliver an album of some magnitude.

The album continues on a similar theme, providing excellent musical composition and vocal delivery of varied and eclectic styles.  The album seems to tell a story, most of which is a story of sadness and poor fortune in relationships.

One of the highlights of the album and a track that plays more to mainstream contemporary music is Falling.  The track closes Quite Frankly and is a fitting way for Nina Baker to wrap up.  Falling is a tender ballad with a tender tale.  We hope that Nina hasn’t gone through all of these emotions n her relationships, but the sincerity and passion makes me feel that maybe she has.

Whilst Quite Frankly has love songs and break-up songs, it equally shows deep and complex emotions.  This could be a deep and quite frankly dark album, but Nina shows her personality and character by using some amusing juvenile insults to soften the messages.

Quite Frankly is a lovely rollercoaster of ambiguity in relationships.  It is charming, endearing and at times funny.  We love Quite Frankly and we all love Nina Baker a little more after hearing Quite Frankly.

Exclusive Interview With Ruts DC

Interview with Ruts DC

We heard the great news about the legendary Ruts DC embarking on a UK & European tour and we had to speak to them.  Despite preparing for their monster tour, the London boys took time out to speak to Music Eyz.

Music Eyz Interview with Ruts DC

Music Eyz Interview with Ruts DC

Ruts DC:

Thank you, you are most welcome

Music Eyz: So some of our readers wouldn’t have been born when you first hit the scene (sorry to make you feel old).  According to Wikipedia you are a reggae-enthused punk rock band, I’m not sure what that means, so can you describe your style for us?

Ruts DC:

We play a kind of soulful Punk Rock & Reggae

Music Eyz: So you hit the headlines pretty immediately, was that expected?

Ruts DC:

Well, we were together for 18 months working very hard,cutting our teeth and building our fan base before signing to Virgin records in April ’79

Music Eyz: John Peel was a fan of yours, did you ever meet him? What did it mean to have his support?

Ruts DC:

Yes we did meet John on several occasions, his support for us on his evening radio show was integral to our successes he was a big fan of the group he played Our first single “in a rut” repeatedly as well as giving us three BBC radio sessions on his show.

Music Eyz: So Punk was really popular in the 70s and 80s, do you think it still has a place today or is more for nostalgia?

Ruts DC:

We were never really that interested in what is generally known as the “punk scene” as such, We are more interested in music as a liberating positive thing.
Which for me “Punk” always was.
It’s an attitude not a style of music or even fashion.

Music Eyz: You guys are veterans of the music scene, what can the current batch learn from you?

Ruts DC:

Stick with what you do well and don’t jump on a bandwagon, perseverance will win the day.

Music Eyz: What can we expect from your tour?

Ruts DC:

Some powerful new songs, some sublime grooves and passionately played great classics.

Music Eyz: Will we get newer stuff or will it be purely the greatest hits and crowd pleasers?

Ruts DC:

It will be a combination of these things, we are very proud of our heritage and a lot of the messages remain vital, however we are not a nostalgic tribute band and are constantly moving forward. Our show is very powerful and very positive

Music Eyz: What is it like to perform live? Do you always get a rousing reception from your fans?

Ruts DC:

Yes, the shows are always different but always good.

Music Eyz: Have you had any bad experiences on tour? If so, can you describe the worse one?

Ruts DC:

Well I guess the worst one would have been back in the day when virgin reneged  on their promise of tour support and all our gear got impounded in Berlin

Music Eyz: What is life on tour like? Do you all live on top of each other in a bus?

Ruts DC:

No we try and get hotels whenever we tour the UK, although we did have a bus on the Damned tour in 2013.

Music Eyz: Who has the worse habits?

Ruts DC:

I guess we probably all snore? I never hear mine though as I’m fast asleep

Music Eyz: So when the tour is over can we expect any new music in the future?

Ruts DC:

Yes we hope to start recording our new album in December it will be a rock record our 1st in a long time

And has a working title of “psychic attack

Music Eyz: I am sure it would mean a lot to our readers, but what would you like to say to them and your loyal fans?

Ruts DC:

We are looking forward to seeing you at the forthcoming shows, you won’t be disappointed and we hope to meet some of you after the shows.

Music Eyz: Gents, its been a pleasure, thanks so much for your time. Hope to see you when you’re touring the UK

Ruts DC:


Ruffy & Segs

Ruts DC

Unbreakable by Janet Jackson (Album Review)

Review of Unbreakable by Janet Jackson

So there was a time when Janet Jackson was pretty cool and made music with attitude, remember Black Cat.  Then she became pretty cool and rivalled her more well known siblings with tracks like The Best Things In Life Are Free

She kind of peaked and then tried to become more soulful, sadly her sweet little voice that she adopted and quite low key music did her no favours.  With this she kind of fizzed along without troubling the charts.  But Janet is back with a new album that promises to get in to our psyche and challenge the way we think about Miss Jackson.

Unbreakable by Janet Jackson

Unbreakable by Janet Jackson

So seven years on since her last album Janet Jackson hits us with new album Unbreakable.  As album sales and consumption goes on the slide, Janet lands us with a huge collection, reaching the 19 track mark. When was that last time you had such an album?

Enlisting the support of old allies Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, they somehow make the epic album feel digestible.  The production throughout in fact is really good, showing that the masters haven’t lost their touch.  They make the production feel at home with Janet’s style whilst also making it feel modern and relevant.

There are however exceptions.  One track of note in that thread is Gon’ B Alright.  It is an attempt to rejuvenate that inner Black Cat with its soul rock undertones.  However, Janet doesn’t quite deliver and it doesn’t really fit with the album or where music is at present.

Another disappointment is Burnitup!  I say disappointment because it wastes the cameo appearance by the legendary Missy Elliott.

Janet does do well in the majority of cases and in the main is trying to stay real to who she is.  This is particularly prevalent in the soulful Hearts Heal where you get that light emotion that gave Janet Jackson a place in many people’s hearts.

There is nothing wrong with this an album and in fact in parts it is quite good.  Sadly Janet Jackson has left it a bit late.  Her music isn’t quite right for the generation that used to listen to her. It isn’t cool enough for the nostalgic Jackson fans and she is just not relevant to the younger audience.

Real shame, as Janet Jackson at 49 is obviously a lovely person with a great voice.  Sorry but I will be surprised if this gets big, even with all those Sony dollars behind her.

Interview With Casual Agenda

Interview with Casual Agenda

“When the captain called for balls to the wall, we stoked the fire and pushed the throttle to full.”

Casual Agenda

A wonderfully tight and brilliant 3-piece Mod rock ‘n roll band from the West Midlands, Casual Agenda’s same self-titled debut EP truly is well worth the few shillings. Like a steam engine, these guys have ripped through the decades from 60s mod music to its late 70s retro revival. From here they have picked up some really nice punk of that time before storming onto the alternative rock sound of the 80s and 90s and finishing up smack bang in the indie terminal. It’s a first class journey with stop offs at these historical stations of music and it’s no surprise that this band has been asked to open up for From The Jam, November 21st at Birmingham’s O2 Academy.

Interview with Casual Agenda

Interview with Casual Agenda

With lyrics bordering on the cynical at times, a defiant attitude, a nonchalant sounding vocalist, a drummer that really is a bit special, a powerful bassline that influences the direction of the overall sound and guitar riffs that explode from the top drawer, Casual Agenda is a well-oiled machine. The pace of the tracks are regulated for the most part but they do tease your senses when the band let rip at sections and just go balls to the wall.

Casual Agenda are:

Peter Roper – vocalist, song writer, guitar.

Joe Service – Bass.

Dan Bott – Drums, keyboard and percussion.

Music Eyz. Let’s say that you are coming to play in Dublin and I’m meeting you for a pint and you’re running late. What do I get in at the bar for you, pint of Guinness?

Pedro – A brew

Joe – Most likely

Dan – Carling, please

Music Eyz The gig with From the Jam, November 21st, how did that come about?

Pedro – We just had an email from an agent in London asking us to play, they thought we sounded good and asked what our fan base was like.

Joe – A London booking agent just got in touch with us and asked us to play. It’s nice when they come to you ;)

Music Eyz If you had the pick of any band to open up for you, which one would make the cut?

PedroAudio Subscene or Regale, there’s stacks of brilliant bands around at the minute, a new movement is starting…

JoeThe Smiths, band today Catfish and the Bottlemen

DanPaul McCartney (here’s hoping)

Music Eyz I read online that you came up with the name Casual Agenda whilst down the pub with mates. Did the conversation go something like,

a). “Listen right, this is a casual night. What’s with the suit?”

b). “what’s on the agenda for tonight lads? A few scoops then hit the club or just stay here?”

c). a mixture of a). and b).

or d). “Nah mate nothing casual about her. Always coming with an agenda”

e). The conversation didn’t go anything like a,b,c or d :)

Pedro – It was either Casual Agenda or The Trip. Joe came up with CA. Zion Chord was floating around as well? I know, shocking!

Joe – We struggle to come with names for anything lol. We wanted something original (which is very hard these days) and just in case we made it big didn’t want any law suits. Wasn’t feeling Zion Chord and The Trip I think is/was already taken. Casual Agenda kinda came out of nowhere really. More to do with our personality as we’re pretty laid back.

It’s also in that “Definitely maybe” mould which is pretty cool.

Music Eyz What would you like to get a second bite of the cherry at?

Pedro – Being able to drink more tea. Everyone needs more tea!

Joe – Various Football accumulators

Music Eyz. What was the highlight of playing at Salford Festival last weekend, 26th September?

Pedro – People that hadn’t seen us before or even heard us play were asking when new material is out! That was pretty special! Overall a top gig, we played well!

Music Eyz Where did you shoot the vid for Moonlight?

Pedro – A local music shop near us called the musical den, lad that works in there is a legend!

Music Eyz. Next gig as a band, 02nd Oct at the Victoria, Birmingham. Will you have merchandise to sell at it? I’d love a t-shirt if you do. Can I buy one online? I think Casual Agenda on a t-shirt would look the business, a real conversation starter particularly at the bar :)

Pedro – No, we have had some done before really need to get back on the band wagon to be fair. We’ll get one out to you!

Music Eyz. Next gig you’ll attend as a punter?

PedroThe Strypes

The Strypes

The Strypes

JoeJohnny Marr at the Institute in Birmingham

DanJohn Grant – Eventim Apollo

Music Eyz. More material on the way?

Joe – Yes, sounding awesome as well. Watch this space

Dan – Watch this space

Link to vid/tracks.

Casual Agenda Soundcloud

By Nicola Timmons

We The Generation by Rudimental (Album Review)

We the Generation by Rudimental (Album Review)

Cast your mind back to the age of 2012 and 2013.  They were glory years.  England had just struggled in a major football tournament, the Tories were enjoying power (sorry a coalition of power with the orange ones) and music had a new direction.

You couldn’t turn on a TV show or a radio station back then without a Rudimental track from the huge debut album Home playing out.  At the time the Rudimental boys had found something new. A genuine mainstream dance collective, with a DnB edge.  The album wasn’t intentionally created for corporate commercial usage but it found its way in to the consciousness of the populous.

We The Generation by Rudimental

We The Generation by Rudimental

The sometimes anthem sounds of Home merged great beats, good musical orchestration with a heavy inducement of guest vocalists, hand picked to make each track fire.  The Rudimental debut was such a success, it has fuelled a deluge of copy cat producers and artists.

So a few years later the boys follow-up and try to replicate that genre forming success.  Have they succeeded.

Well its nigh on impossible to create such an impact twice, but We The Generation is a great body of work.  By the pure definition of the fact that they created this pop/DnB/dance genre it feels less breakthrough, in fact you could be forgiven for thinking, they have understood their commerciality and jumped on it.  There is some truth in that assertion but We The Generation just builds on the foundation Rudimental created.

Without surprise the cocktail offers little in the way of experiment.  There is still great production, gentile DnB beats, funk inspiration and some instrumentation with elements of brass and light touches of strings present.  However, the standouts are great belting, anthem choruses including those from the late Bobby Womack, Lianne La Havas and little known UK singer Mahlia Burkmar.  Who incidentally offers a great vocal.  All this feels like it is offering an update to the UK urban pop scene.

Highlights of the album (above those listed previously) include Common Emotion featuring MNEK, which is a real bouncy party starter.  On first listen you can tell this will get air play and clubbers hitting the floors.  Dizzee Rascal features on the seductive Love Ain’t Just a Word in what is potentially his best piece of work for 2-3 years.

Perhaps its due to the poignancy of this being one of Bobby Womack’s last recorded pieces but the raw New Day is the track that genuinely stands out.  Whether or not the production was tweaked to play more to the vocal ability of Womack is unknown.  But this feels like real emotion with production and composition empathetic with its performer.  Irrelevant of any potential back story in its creation New Day is a great track.

There will be some critics out there that will probably down play or dismiss Rudimental of simply breaking out the cookie cutter they created with Home to produce a generic commercial album.  That would be an injustice and display a complete lack of understanding of Rudimental’s importance as genre formers or at the very least leaders.

Rudimental fans will love We The Generation. Music lovers will love the album for its undoubted stand-out tracks indulging in the great production and sometimes hypnotic vocals.  Corporate world will love it for its accessibility and we will undoubtedly hear elements on ads.  Critics will probably pooh pooh it to make themselves feel knowledgeable and impose the music snobbery on the public.

But Music Eyz says f%$k the critics, We The Generation is a great album and Rudimental we salute you!!!

Ariana Grande Talks About Her New Album

Ariana Grande on her new album: ‘I didn’t want to write about sad bulls**t’

Former Disney girl and modern pop singer Ariana Grande has revealed that her forthcoming album is going to be her most personal yet.  However, despite the projected introspective album, she didn’t want it to be about heartbreak and sadness.  So Ariana must have a good life then right?

Ariana Grande in V Magazine

Ariana Grande in V Magazine

Speaking to V Magazine, Ariana explained that she didn’t dwell on her break-up from rapper Big Sean while writing her highly anticipated new studio album and instead chose to pen tracks about other topics:

“You know, people found out quite [about the split] a while after it actually happened. By the time I was writing the new album, I had kind of moved on. It’s not going to be captured on the album too much. I’m in a happy place. There aren’t any breakup anthems because I had moved on. I was like, alright. Well, f**k it.”

“I think that’s part of the reason I didn’t want to make a p****d-off break-up song. I was not focused on that. Everything is nice and great right now… why would I write about some bulls**t? I’d rather write about some really lovely things that are going on.”

So, we can expect more upbeat pop greatness from Ariana Grande and if her colourful language in this interview is anything to go by, maybe a bit more of an edge as well.  We look forward to its release.

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On My Mind by Ellie Goulding (Review)

Review of On My Mind by Ellie Goulding

So Ellie Goulding has always done this EDM a little bit differently.  She has a distinctive vocal style that sits equally at home on an acoustic backing as it does a well produced EDM soundtrack.  On My Mind is off Ellie Goulding‘s new album, Delirium, which is released on 6th November.

Review of On My Mind by Ellie Goulding

Review of On My Mind by Ellie Goulding

On My Mind is accompanied by a well produced video in which Ellie talks through what is “On My Mind” and discusses the adventures in love, where her feelings are perhaps not reciprocated.  Ellie Goulding‘s vocal style is abundant on the track, however, On My Mind displays a bit of spark to her.  Some sharp cuts in her vocal delivery add spice to the overall delivery.  The track has sharp EDM composition but some great beats and breaks.

The unusual, yet very catchy hook, means On My Mind will stick in your mind like the best pop tracks of the day.  This is a definite change of direction for Ellie, and her die-hard fans from the days of Lights, may not be impressed.  However, this shows that Goulding is willing to adapt her style as music evolves.

I for one like this new Ellie Goulding and in fact, in some ways better than her previous material.

On My Mind is a great track and a great pointer that Delirium may be the best album yet from Ellie Goulding.

The Thinker by Derange (Review)

Review of The Thinker by Derange

Hailing from the London underworlds, Derange formed in late 2012 and have since then spent years finding their sound, perfecting their crowd and gathering support for the release of their debut album ‘The Awakening’ – which is promised to us by October this year. In 2014 they released their EP ‘Change’ and picked up a new guitarist along the way, as well as compliments from the likes of Front Magazine. Having been known to take their time before releasing music, Derange are renowned for their hard work and ‘nothing-less-than-perfect’ attitude when it comes to studio time, ensuring everything that emerges is worth of the Derange crown.

The Thinker by Derange

The Thinker by Derange

Their latest single ‘The Thinker’ is a true testament to this work ethic and a statement to what we can expect from the much anticipated album later this year.

The track itself is a cluster of thrumming drums and piercing riffs, blended together perfectly with rough and haunting vocals. There’s something quite nostalgic about this song for anyone who’s ever been a lover of female fronted hard core, and it definitely feels like a nod to the ass kicking women who came before in the form of epic bands such as Jack off Jill and Kittie, whilst still being true to those strong tech-metal roots that can be heard throughout.

It’s a track full of power and noise and, coupled with a brilliantly weird and true tech metal video full of dark abstract imagery, is the perfect preview of what looks to be a ‘well-worth-the-wait’ album.

The album The Awakening is out 5th October 2015.

Review by Hev Bailey

Kid Ink UK Tour with Guest Pia Mia

Kid Ink Announces UK Tour With Special Guest Pia Mia

Kid Ink Full Speed Tour

Kid Ink Full Speed Tour

Following his huge UK tour last year, Kid Ink has announced his highly anticipated return to the UK in October where he will be joined by very special guest Pia Mia. Recording artist, entrepreneur, songwriter, fashion icon and viral sensation Pia Mia recently released her smash single ‘Do It Again’ featuring Chris Brown & Tyga via Interscope Records. Currently in heavy rotation at UK radio, ‘Do It Again’ stormed the Spotify viral charts boasting over 30 million streams globally, peaking at #1 in the Shazam top 200 and collecting over 66 million views on the single’s official video. Pia’s last visit to the UK saw her play to a packed house in Hoxton before flying home to continue writing and recording her debut album.

Pia Mia Supportng Kid Ink

Pia Mia Supportng Kid Ink

Kid Ink released his critically acclaimed album Full Speed in February, the record features notable guest appearances from likes of Chris Brown, Migos, Tinashe and Usher and has already hit #1 on The Billboards Top Rap Album charts. The album spawned the hit songs ‘Body Language’ and ‘Be Real’ featuring DeJ Loaf. ‘Hotel’ ft Chris Brown is the latest track to be taken from Kid Ink’s latest album and is a crossover hit in-waiting, highlighting Kid Ink at his unique best.

Kid Ink cruises past all boundaries. The Los Angeles rapper, producer, and performer can seamlessly slip from an irresistible hook into an impeccable verse, effortlessly bobbing and weaving between the club and the streets. Grinding as a producer since the age of 16, he uncovered this creative highway by perfecting a personal style behind the board first. His production collaborations include everybody from Sean “Diddy” Combs, Sean Kingston, Nipsey Hussle, and more. That experience in the studio set the stage for him to become the versatile and vibrant force he is today.

Bringing his sophomore project Full Speed to the UK in October, Kid Ink will perform across six major cities kicking things off at Bristol O2 Academy on October 15th and will run until October 21st taking in London O2 Academy Brixton.


Thursday       15        October        Bristol                     O2 Academy*

Friday            16        October        Southampton         O2 Guildhall

Sunday         18        October        Birmingham             O2 Academy*

Monday       19        October        Glasgow                   O2 Academy*

Tuesday        20        October        Manchester             O2 Apollo

Wednesday  21        October        London                     O2 Academy Brixton*

Tickets available at gigst.rs/KidInk 24 hr cc hotline 0844 811 0051

*Ticketweb.co.uk 0844 477 2000

Interview With Preston from The Ordinary Boys

Interview with Preston from The Ordinary Boys

As some of you may be aware now, The Ordinary Boys have reformed.  The band will be releasing a new album, called The Ordinary Boys and will be embarking on a UK tour next month (full details at the end of this interview).  The front man, Preston has generously given up some of his time to talk to us.  We talk about celeb life, the new music, what its like on tour and the worse dinner party ever.

Interview with The Ordinary Boys

Interview with The Ordinary Boys

Music Eyz: Hi Preston, many thanks for taking the time to talk to Music Eyz, I know you are ridiculously busy.


Hi Music Eyz thanks for taking the time to talk to me too!

Music Eyz: So, after all this time, what has made you and the band get back together?


I think a lot of it was to do with our real jobs taking up more and more of our time, it started to seem like we would never get the chance again to tour and go to Japan and hang out in the studio and all the other fun, ridiculous stuff that goes with being in a band. It was my way of making sure that my 3 best friends had to spend lots of quality time with me and they weren’t allowed to leave at least until the tour was over and the record was out!

Music Eyz: Your music was very British with a bit of a fun factor last time around.  What can we expect from this new album?


As a band we always listened to much more American music. My family is actually American and I have an American passport. But being from Worthing we always had an unshakeable Britishness that I like to think is still there. It’s more of a straight up punk album this time. We wanted to create something with as little pretence as we could this time around.

Music Eyz: I have heard your new single Four Letter Word and think its great by the way.  But can you explain your inspiration behind it?


Thanks! This song is all about that guitar riff for me. I’m allowed to say how much I love it because Louis wrote that bit.

Music Eyz: So the Ordinary Boys are back, but with a slightly changed line-up, can you explain why and how it happened?


I had met Louis while his old band Spectrals were supporting the Cribs and we had so much in common, especially musically, I just knew instantly that if I was ever to make another Ordinary Boys record this was how I should do it.

Music Eyz: How is the new dynamic working out? Did if take a while to get the chemistry right?


He instantly started talking in the in-joke heavy patter that any band can’t help but adopt. He’s so funny and clever but in a way that probably appeals to the other 3 of us more than any one else.

Music Eyz: So you have been doing a lot of great writing work over the past decade or so, how have you found that as opposed to being a front man?


I quite like that I could just get fat and be rude in public if I wanted to. I mean, I want to do neither of those things. But in general I feel very much in control of my life and my creativity in a way that I hadn’t felt before. But also I miss is terribly, but almost definitely will un-miss it pretty quickly. That’s the circle of life or whatever I guess.

Music Eyz:  What song, that you have written, are you most proud of and why?


Maybe Heart Skips A Beat by Olly Murs. Maybe because I can’t get it out of my own head quite a lot. And that’s where it came from! I did a couple of quick songs for the iTunes bonus version of the new Ordinary Boys record that I did in a couple of hours Creep On Me and I Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up which I’m really proud of.

Music Eyz: It must be difficult to stay fresh in your writing, what do you do to make sure you always write credible material?


As a writer I try not to worry too much about trends in music. Other wise I would have had to worry about Dubstep and Future Garage and what have you. I think a good song is pretty timeless. I suppose that’s what happened to the Ordinary Boys on the last album. I was confused about what to do about where I saw music going, when I could have just made a punk rock album and be done with it!

Music Eyz: We couldn’t really go through an interview without going back to the celeb phase.  What made you go on Celeb BB and would you reconsider it if you had a second chance?


They asked me if I was up for it and I was. I don’t quite think I would be able to handle it at this point in my life. I’m quite fond of my peace and quiet and honestly I would miss work. Maybe I’ll do the ice one and then I can catch up on my work in the day.

Music Eyz: What was it like having a relationship very much in the public eye?



Preston and Chantelle had a public romance on CBB

Preston and Chantelle had a public romance on CBB

Music Eyz: Anyway, back to the music.  You are on tour right? Can you tell me what we can expect?


Our shows have always been really energetic. Those first few tours back in 2003/2004 were insane and such a good time in my life. Even though we are still a relatively young band (I’m the only one over 30!) it’s going to be a massive memory trigger for me.

Music Eyz: What does it mean to be going back on tour again?


At this point I’m going to miss my coffee machine and my nutri-bullet and the gym honestly. But I’m so happy to be going back on the road and really grateful that I have the band and the audience to allow it. I’m really excited. James has to take it as his annual holiday and that’s really how it feels.

Music Eyz: The buzz of performing live must be up there.  How does it compare to the buzz you get from success in your recorded music?


It’s nice because the moment is so brief and then disappears forever. It just exists in the memories of me and the people at the show. And Instagram.

Music Eyz: Are Ordinary Boys here to stay this time?


Dunno. I’d like to imagine that we will just keep doing a tour and an album every couple of years from now on. I guess it depends on the reception to this one. I like the idea of keeping her alive though for sure.

Quick fire 

Music Eyz: What is your favourite ever film?


Forbidden Zone.

Music Eyz: If you could have written any song ever written, what would it be and why?


I Love how you Love MeParis Sisters. Perfect song as far as I’m concerned.

Music Eyz: What is your favourite football team?



Music Eyz: Who is the messiest band member in Ordinary Boys?


We are all pretty tidy actually. Maybe Louis just because he is the youngest.

Music Eyz: Who is the least fame hungry in the band?


We are all pretty stuffed at this point. It’s another draw.

Music Eyz: What is your worse habit?


I’m a bit of a collector and I’m at the point where it’s bordering on hoarding. Mainly records and comics but just way way way too many.

Music Eyz: If you could have a dinner party with four people living or dead, who would they be and why?


Four dead people doesn’t really matter who cos they are dead. That way there’s more food and wine for me.

Music Eyz: What possession couldn’t you live without?



Preston's most prized possession - his Nutibullet

Preston’s most prized possession – his Nutibullet

Right now back to sensibility

Music Eyz: What acts are you aware of that are up and coming that we should keep an eye out for?


MJ from Hookwoms produced half of our record and his band is great. Also Rory from Warm Brains produced the other half and he has a new record out soon.  Also very brilliant.

Music Eyz: Who is your biggest musical inspiration?


Is is boring if I say Morrissey? Probably Morrissey.

Music Eyz: What does the future hold for Preston and The Ordinary Boys?


Hopefully now that we are risen again just more records and more tours whenever we have time.

Music Eyz: Is there any message you would like to leave for the readers of Music Eyz and fans of the Ordinary Boys?



And finally….

Music Eyz: Can you follow us on Twitter please? Ha ha


What’s your handle?
Music Eyz: Its @musiceyz – of course :-)
Full Tour Details

21st Oct            The Cavern        Exeter
22nd Oct            The Fleece        Bristol
23rd Oct             Also Known As Banbury
24th Oct             The Joiners       Southampton
25th Oct             Bowery District  Reading
27th Oct             The Haunt         Brighton
28th Oct             Mr Kryps           Bournemouth
29th Oct             The Bullingdon  Oxford
30th Oct             Brixton Jamm    London
31st Oct             The Square       Harlow
1st Nov              Waterfront         Norwich
3rd Nov              Copper Room2 Coventry
4th Nov              Soundhouse     Leicester
5th Nov              The Globe         Cardiff
6th Nov              Live Room        Chester
7th Nov              The Sugarmill    Stoke
8th Nov              Night & Day      Manchester
10th Nov            The Old Courts  Wigan
11th Nov            Think Tank        Newcastle
12th Nov            Liquid Rooms   Edinburgh
13th Nov            PJ Molloys       Dunfermline
14th Nov            King Tuts          Glasgow
15th Nov            The Duchess     York
16th Nov            The Hop            Wakefield
17th Nov            The Adelphi       Hull
18th Nov            The Platform     Lincoln
19th Nov            The Plug           Sheffield