V Festival 2015 Review

Review of V Festival 2015 (Sunday, Hylands Park, Essex)

On Sunday 23rd August, the day began in the usual British fashion, cloudy with the very real chance of getting absolutely piss wet through. The forecast, though, did nothing to deter those heading to Hylands Park, Chelmsford for the second and final day of V Festival. A sea of anoraks and wellies trudged through the fields and in to the main festival area, the brave dispersing to the various stages and the not so brave huddling under any sheltered area they could find.

I arrived with my wife a little pissed opening gates. Already soaked to the bone we pulled ourselves through the rain just in time to see Echo and the Bunnymen pleasing those brave wet souls in the crowd with a surprisingly lively festival set before making way for the ever glamorous and vocally stunning Ella Eyre.

Gradually the rain cleared, and the very second the sun peaked from behind the clouds the anoraks came off and the flowery headbands went on. Although you couldn’t throw a wet wellie without hitting a stereotypical festival goer (Men: shorts, vest top/t-shirt showing some scantily clad female celebrity or slogan about how much of a boss you are at the weekend, straw trilby hat and sunglasses – Women: bejewelled sandals/wellies, short shorts revealing more arse cheek than anyone who isn’t conducting a full cavity search ever needs to see, bohemian top/t-shirt of classic rock band you’ve never listened to in your life, flower headband and sunglasses and let’s not forget the rave paint…) I was pleasantly surprised at the diversity of the crowd. I also noticed quite a few parents with their pre-pubescent children having a fun filled family outing, which always gives me some hope for the future of music.

Once the sun was shining in all of its glory, me and the Mrs grabbed a quick bite from the plethora of weird and wonderful (and extortionate) food trucks, finally settling on pulled pork rolls from one van and sweet potato fries topped with parsley from another (both ridiculously delicious), before shedding our not-so-waterproof waterproofs and heading for the main stage. We arrived just as The Kooks were finishing up, all sunglasses and smiling faces whilst sending the crowd in to a sing along frenzy as they finished on their anthem of a track ’Naïve’.

George Ezra Performs at V Fest

George Ezra Performs at V Fest

Next to follow was the surprisingly talkative George Ezra, trusty guitar in hand and hoping to continue with the happy buzz left by The Kooks. With his deep voice and upbeat acoustic vibe he managed to do just that, pulling the crowd eagerly along with him as his album tracks gave way to his well-known and much loved singles ‘Blame It on Me’ and ‘Budapest’, even slotting in an unbelievably beautiful cover of Macy Gray’s ‘I Try’ – which the crowd were all too happy to dance and sing along to.

After George left the wife and I went to explore more of the festival grounds. We didn’t fancy any of the fairground rides as even watching other people on them made me almost dizzy enough to throw up my posh hotdog, but there was still plenty to do for those not feeling quite so adventurous. LG constructed an elaborate photo booth, Coca-Cola had us giving them a toothy grin in exchange for a free can and Pringles wanted us to hula hoop in exchange for a full size tube of Pringles, dashing Pringles straw hat and Pringles sunglasses!

There’s nothing like a freebie. One of the most impressive things was the little SOS tent Sure had in which you could apply deodorant, various haircare products and even blow dry, straighten or curl your hair. This came in particularly useful to my wife who was unimpressed with her dishevelled do and wet dress after the weather mishap, and so booted the Essex boys out from in front of the vanity mirror to make herself once again presentable in two minutes flat (much like she does every morning when she wakes up five minutes before we have to leave the house).

Ellie Goulding V Festival

Ellie Goulding V Festival

Back at the main stage we settled once again in to the crowd as we all eagerly awaited the arrival of one Miss Ellie Goulding. Having been a forced fan (thanks to the Mrs) of hers for a few years, I was eager to see how her powerful summer jams would fare on a live festival stage. No stranger to festival crowds or stages, Ellie bounded out full of energy and enthusiasm, launching straight in to her massive hit ‘Outside’. The crowd lapped up her energy along with the roaring sunshine, dancing along with her as she continued to unleash her most loved hits including ‘Burn’, ‘Starry Eyed’ and ‘Anything Could Happen’.

She ran, danced, twirled, spun, played guitar and pounded out a feat beats on a drum – clearly soaking up every second and not wasting a single moment of her set. It was thrilling to watch and even if you’re not an Ellie Goulding fan you simply can’t deny that she knows how to own a stage whilst ensuring the crowd has just as much fun as her. The only disappointment, though I was not at all surprised, was her choosing to end her set with ‘Love Me Like You Do’ (from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack) and turning half of the field (the female ‘dressed as mentioned above’ half) in to screaming, wailing banshees, clutching their BFF’s and screeching about Christian Grey – much to the annoyance of the other half of the field. But, hey ho! It was still a cracking performance.

After all that dancing it was time to re-energise, so we headed back to the food vans for refreshment. On the menu this time was some dicey looking Chinese food (which actually turned out to be quite nice), and then my wife decided she wanted a slushie in a palm tree cup for just £7 – bargain! So we ate, drank overpriced flavoured ice and battled through the queue for the loos and made it back just in time for the last half of The Script’s set.

The Script at V Fest

The Script at V Fest

The Script were definitely running on the infamous Irish Charm, keeping the crowd content as the sun sank slowly behind the main stage. They were possibly the most talkative act of the night, waving their arms and Irish pride tattoos and encouraging us all to follow our dreams and be good to one another. They created a brilliant atmosphere, especially as they finished on the immense track ‘Hall of Fame’, which had every person in the crowd singing along as the day began to wind down in to crisp evening.

By the time we’d scrambled for the loos again and enjoyed another tray of ridiculously delicious sweet potato fries the last of the sunlight had faded. The festival was now lit with lanterns and flashing fairground lights, sending a little zing of electricity through the atmosphere as the stage was set for the headline act.

Calvin Harris burst on to the stage with electrifying energy sending the crowd in to an over excited frenzy. From the moment he stepped up to the platform it was obvious we were in for a magical evening, and what he promised he delivered. From his arsenal of jams he unleashed track after track on us, including some of his mega hits with top artists such as Florence and The MachineSweet Nothing, Ellie GouldingOutside and RihannaWe Found Love.

By this point in the night the earlier wet weather had been forgotten and everyone had their eyes on the stage and their hands in the air. Fireworks and other pyrotechnics blasted from the top of the stage, wowing the crowd as they continued to dace to more mega tracks like ‘Bounce’ and ‘Under Control’, each track being expertly and seamlessly blended in to the next to ensure that no one stopped moving for even a second.

Calvin Harris V Festival 2015

Calvin Harris V Festival 2015

At the end of the night, Calvin Harris had the crowd on puppet strings in one of the most explosive sets V Fest has ever witnessed. Every single body in the field was moving, dancing, jumping and raving – thousands of people having the time of their lives thanks to this absolute master on the stage.

Tired, danced out and musically buzzed me and the Mrs made our way through the maze of cars with a smile that lasted the whole 220 mile journey home.

V Fest promised us great things this year and they can rest assure that they kept true to their word. Bring on V Festival 2016!

Review by Hev Bailey

Feline by Ella Eyre (Album Review)

Feline by Ella Eyre (Album Review)

It seems ages ago that we were bigging up Ella Eyre and tipping her for the top. Whilst she has hardly been a flop since being shortlisted for BBC Sound of 2014, she has hardly taken the world by storm either. She first came to light featuring on Rudimental’s 2013 hit Waiting All Night and co-wrote or featured with top artists like Paloma Faith, Bastille and the likes of Naughty Boy and, of course, Tinie Tempah.

Review of Feline by Ella Eyre

Review of Feline by Ella Eyre

Her recorded voice was soulful and powerful, yet adaptable to flex to many genres and definitely more contemporary than many of the warbling ballad players that come from the likes of the X Factor. She delivered electric live performances both in her own right and lifted whole shows when she appeared on stage.

In what can only be described as mismanagement or poor decision making by Ella Eyre’s advisors, she hasn’t taken advantage of her huge talent or the platform created for her. That debut album was scheduled for an October 2014 release, but it has taken over a year to hit our shelves.

In that time of semi hiatus, Eyre has released singles and has of course been present, but fellow shortlisted artists Sam Smith and George Ezra appear to have overtaken her in profile and buzz. Whilst not dismissing what those two artists have achieved or discrediting them, as they are both great artists, I personally believe Ella Eyre should have been bigger.

Now Feline is ready for release, three of its singles have already been out there and the majority of people will feel they have the count on this style and artist. Its almost like, well we have heard Feline as most of the album is in the same mode. Great vocals with a massive hand-waving, head banging up-tempo chorus.

Well there are some surprises on offer on Feline. Always is a bit more retro-soul. Comeback has a real funk hint to it and Even If shows Eyre can do the ballad as well (just not one of the stronger components of the album)

Typical Me is probably the highlight. You can tell that this one is from Ella and gives the prospect lots of prospects. It highlights her vocal ability and maintains her currency.

On reading this back, this review feels kind of negative. And I suppose it is. However, this isn’t directed at Ella Eyre as fundamentally, this is a good body of music. She is great on all of the tracks and if we had heard this a year ago, it would have been fire.

Sadly, it does just feel a little late now. That is a real shame, because misses like this can define an artist. I just hope somebody that knows what they are doing takes Ella Eyre on and drives her career in the way her ability deserves.

Music Eyz Takes on Spurs With Some Friends

Music Eyz Takes on Spurs with Some Friends

We were honoured to be asked to help to organise a boohooMAN sponsored, charity football match for Anna Kennedy OBE and her charity for Autism Awareness.   So Music Eyz opened its little black book of celebrity friends and put together a little team to take on one of the Premiership’s top clubs in Tottenham Hotspur. Granted, it wasn’t their first team, but the legends.

On what started as a sunny afternoon in Bishops Stortford (somewhere near Stanstead Airport), Spurs Legends bought a big squad, featuring former international players including the legendary Darren Anderton (England), Ramon Vega (Switzerland) and Danny Maddix (Jamaica). Each and every player on their team was an established former professional player, most of whom played many years at the top level. Oh and Ralf Little.

So we had to create a squad capable of not getting humiliated. We scoured the country and picked up a decent team. We had the likes of George Gilbey (Gogglebox and Big Brother), Jeff Brazier, Ortis Deley, Chris Baxter (Love Island) and Danny Young (Corrie).

Obviously, we had to layer in a few people in music, so along came Tom Wheeler (Dr Meaker’s drummer), DDark and the character that is Dappy.

The warm up began and balls went flying everywhere courtesy of DDark and Jordan Coulson. The physical warm up drill, led by captain Jeff Brazier then took place with many of us, not mentioning names (George) thinking that was our effort for the day. Jeff does know how to put people through their paces.

As the match began, the skies decided to empty and a deluge of rain decided to fall and last for pretty much the entire 90 minutes. In an entertaining first half the Celebrities took the game to Spurs Legends with the tidy play from man of the match Jordon Coulson, Danny Young, Jeff Brazier and Chris Baxter.

Chris Baxter in action

Chris Baxter in action

The manager (namely me) made an inspired decision to partner captain Jeff Brazier at the back with our former pro Stuart Wardley. They organised the defence brilliantly which was completed by TV presenter Ortis Deley and Dr Meaker’s drummer, Tom Wheeler, who had made the long trek from Bristol for the game. Both of whom performed very well.

The celebrities all played extremely well in the first half (with the possible exception of me) and the music element was made up of Dappy who showed some brilliant skill and technique in his distribution and Ddark who ran tirelessly and supported the team very well with grit and determination.

Dappy playing against Spurs

Dappy playing against Spurs

The first half was so good in fact that the celebs went in a goal up. I actually made a goal line clearance!!!

The highlight of the first half though, had to be George Gilbey, for admitting he had to come off as he was about to die and also his brilliant banter in the dugout that kept everybody amused.

Half time came and some much needed rest and a chance to squeeze our shirts dry of the thousands of gallons of water that had been collected from the sky. Not an ideal start to the second half , which saw us leak two early goals (obviously because star players myself and George were off the pitch).

The Legends controlled the game from that point and ran out eventual winners, with great performances from Darren Anderton, Ramon Vega, Brian Statham and TV’s Ralf Little.

The star from all of the music boys though had to be Micky Dumoulin. The former BGT finalist was in inspired form in goal and stopped the scoreline being a lot higher.

Every single celebrity in the team did really well and above all the two sides created a good spectacle in the match that rewarded the paying spectators with good football not just celeb spotting. The most important thing of all (apart from my limbs finally recovering from the exertions) was that money and attention was raised for Austism Awareness and supporting Anna Kennedy OBE’s charity.

Here is to the next one. (It might take me that long to recover).

The celebrity squad was as follows:

Micky Dumoulin (BGT); Ortis Deley (TV Presenter); Jeff Brazier (TV Personality); Stuart Wardley (ex-QPR and Bishops Stortford Manager); Tom Wheeler (Drummer, Dr Meaker); Dappy (Rapper); Ddark (Rapper); Chris Baxter (Love Island); George Gilbey (Gogglebox and Big Brother); Danny Young (Actor); Jordan Coulson (Actor); Richard Mylan (Actor); Mark Wright (Apprentice Winner); Chris Cowlin (Author); Michael Usher (Football Freestyler) and John Clark (YouTuber).

Oh and me!

In The Mix – Joy by Will Young (Cahill Remix)

In The Mix – Joy by Will Young (Cahill Remix)

Joy by Will Young

Joy by Will Young

Will Young is perhaps the most successful male solo artist to emerge from the various Simon Cowell inspired television talent shows.  Recently his sixth studio album 85% Proof entered the Official Album Charts at number 1.  Joy is a big track on the album and Cahill have given it the Ibiza edge, producing an anthemic hit with a euphoria laid undertone.

Bit of a departure for all the middle-aged Will Young fans, but definitely one to dance to

How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris ft Disciples (Review)

Review of How Deep Is Your Love by Calvin Harris ft Disciples

The man with the midas touch Calvin Harris does it again with the latest single ‘How Deep Is Your Love‘.  Calvin Harris and The Disciples have delivered what is undoubtedly another dance fave.  The single is out on August 14th and is a collaboration between himself and house trio Disciples. The video, directed by longtime collaborator Emil Nava, will go wide on August 6th.  Calvin‘s production talent is immense and is currently riding on a huge wave of success.
How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris

How Deep is Your Love by Calvin Harris

The video is unforgettable with the US model Gigi Hadid providing a mesmerising performance (you literally cannot take your eyes off her!). Gigi is an American fashion model and TV personality. She was named one of 12 rookies in Sports Illustrated′s annual swimsuit issue in 2014.  Keep playing this track – it gets better on each listening.
Calvin Harris stands as the figurehead for modern dance music and is one of the most successful artists of all time; whilst having dominated international music charts and the club scene, he has collaborated with icons including Rihanna, Florence & The Machine, Ellie Goulding, Big Sean and John Newman.
Currently the face of Emporio Armani, Calvin is also brand ambassador and resident DJ for Hakkasan, Wet Republic and Omnia superclubs in Las Vegas. He has spent the summer playing headline slots on sold out festivals around the world.
How Deep Is Your Love is available now: http://smarturl.it/HowDeepIsYourLove
Review by Doug Duffin

Omen by Disclosuire ft Sam Smith (Review)

Review of Omen by Disclosure ft Sam Smith

I’m sure most are aware that Sam Smith had to take a break from singing and postpone is his touring schedule due to health implications on his vocal chords in which he required surgery and rest and it appears this has done him the world of good as for the first time in a while Sam is back featuring on Disclosure‘s new track ‘Omen’.

Review of Omen by Disclosure ft Sam Smith

Review of Omen by Disclosure ft Sam Smith

Disclosure are doing amazing things right now and with each track they release they showcase more and more of their talent and this latest track is no disappointment. With super cool electric beats throughout the track it oozes such a great feeling and I think they made a great choice in choosing Sam Smith for the vocals as his soulful sound melts throughout.

Since the first time I heard the track I’ve had it on repeat and I think i’ve almost learnt all the words already! I love the way sounds and if you listen carefully to the lyrics you can begin to understand the true meaning of the song and how loving it is. I like the way the track goes up and down and slows down as it gets into the hook and chorus. Taking it back to clear vocals with simple beats is a recipe for success for sure. I have to admit it’s growing on me as one of my favourite releases this year and definitely by Disclosure.

I think they have even more amazing things to come and I would love to go see them performing live as I think the atmosphere would be that of an incredible one. Definitely keep your eyes open for more from these guys!

Review by Natalie Combey-Yildiz

Competition – Win VIP Tickets to Celeb Football Match

Competition – Win VIP Tickets to see Celeb team play Spurs Legend

Anybody that follows us on Twitter will know that we are involved in a charity football match on Sunday 23rd August to support Autism Awareness.  The game sees a Celebrity team, with Rich Clark (our Ed) as player manager, take on a Spurs Legend team.

Former England International Darren Anderton on the Spurs Legends team

Former England International Darren Anderton on the Spurs Legends team

The Spurs legend team features former international players including Darren Anderton, Andy Sinton, Ramon Vega, Danny Maddix and Paul McVeigh.  Our celebrity team features the likes of DDark, Ortis Deley, TOWIE’s Jamie Reed, Hollyoak’s Ayden Callaghan among others from the likes of BGT, Love Island and Waterloo Road.  There are also some surprise players from music and a few VIPs that are sure to bring the papps and autograph hunters.

Watch TOWIE's Jamie Reed play for Celeb Team

Watch TOWIE’s Jamie Reed play for Celeb Team

If you would like to show your support for Autism Awareness, tickets can be bought here.

We also have the chance for you to win a pair of VIP tickets to the event, which will see you rub shoulders with the players and the VIP guests.  All you have to do is follow us on Twitter and Tweet the following

#AutismFootie I support Autism Awareness and the Celeb Team http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/anna-kennedy-online-8301961764

Winners will be drawn at random on Thursday at 9pm.

Threads by Sarah Harding (Review)

Review of Threads by Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding unveils her debut solo single Threads and becomes the final piece of the Girls Aloud solo jigsaw.  Now, every girl has released solo material, if any confirmation was needed, this probably puts the final nail in the Girls Aloud coffin.  Its a busy time for Sarah, appearing in Coronation Street, filming her video for threads, going on Masterchef, releasing an EP, telling the world how in love she is and then splitting days later.  It feels like Sarah is desperate to make her mark and create longevity for herself in the public eye.

But what about Threads? Is it any good?

Threads does stay true to Harding’s Girls Aloud heritage.  Despite Sarah herself saying its a bit “rock chick” it mainly plays true to her Girls Aloud early days.  A little bit edgy, very pop-y and full of sassiness.  If you liked Girls Aloud, you will love this.  Threads is a proper pop tune, not pretending to be complex music with sophisticated structures.  Not lacing dance backing or a complimentary rapper.  This is pure pop.



In the delivery, you can tell Harding can actually sing.  It does feel like the auto-tuner is a bit heavy in points though.  Don’t let that fool you, Sarah Harding delivers some great pop vocals with a good hook.

Threads has received a bit of a different reaction from the music press than her original recordings.  Rather than a-list on Radio 1, Threads got played on Radio 2, showing this is more likely to appeal to her previous fans than attract a new audience.  Despite Sarah Harding’s claims this is a gritty track, Threads, featured on her forthcoming EP, isn’t really that gritty at all.  It is however a good pop track and we look forward to hearing more from Sarah Harding in the coming weeks and months.

Well done Sarah.

In The Mix – She Can Get It by Sean 1 ft R Prophet (Remix)

In The Mix – She Can Get It by Sean 1 ft R Prophet (Remix)

R Prophet in Catfish

R Prophet in Catfish

In a spot of opportunism, good fortune or purely coincidence, Sean 1 takes advantage of R Prophet‘s Catfish appearance and releases this remix of his track She Can Get It.  The electro inspired track references the likes of MJ and features around Sean 1 letting a young lady have something (jokes).  Thankfully R Prophet‘s frightful Catfish doesn’t feature in any way.

What do you think?

Interview with Bella Figura

Exclusive Interview with Bella Figura

Bella Figura (meaning a good impression or fine appearance in Italian) is a truly impressive and memorable outfit. Their sound is that of an intensely soulful groove with enticing lyrics and alluringly deep soft vocals. When you have heard this band just once you won’t ever forget its sound. Bella Figura is very appealing and does not at all fade into the wallpaper. Poignant guitar riffs and rolling jazzy drum beats that will make you switch off from life, lay back your head and just get lost in its vibe and messages.

Music Eyz interview with Bella Figura

Music Eyz interview with Bella Figura

[Never Learn vid:


Listening to this band reminds me of David Bazan’s Eating Paper http://youtu.be/MNw1Fj0NGsY which I absolutely love and return to quite frequently. At times I’m reminded of the rhythm and blues of the Jimi Hendrix sound. If you throw on Red Light you may hear similarities to Foxy Lady with that psychedelic groove. The Bella Figura sound is more than cool. It’s infectious.

This band is head turning.

This band stands out and is ever so richly unique.

Like a great movie that stays on your mind for some time afterwards so too does the sound of Bella Figura.








I’ll just have to make do with a chat on the phone. For now.

Bella Figura are:

Justin Gartry (guitar and main vocals)

Mikey Cooper (bass and vocals)

Jack Morford (drums) but was Rhys Maslen (drums and vocals) at time of phone chat.

Current EP: Never Learn 17th April.

Here are some questions answered by Justin Gartry 

Bring me up to back when. Back when you guys met. What did you get up to beforehand?

We all met studying music production. The guys and I all have a broad interest in music, and we all play a few different instruments (in all kinds of styles)… Our bassist, Mikey is in fact a classically trained viola player, but also plays harmonica, banjo, and the bazouki. Rhys, our drummer, is pianist and a singer/songwriter in his own right. Before meeting the guys, I played in a few different bands here and there, on drums for Elephant (Memphis Industries) and did a bit of songwriting and acoustic accompaniment for other musicians too. I currently still play bass for Dark Moon, and in my original band The Joker & The Thief (Active 2009-2013) I played the guitar and kick drum (at the same time!).

Bella Figura. What a name :) How did you come up with that one?

The story goes like this: I was at a small house-party in Archway, North London, and things were winding down (as the sun was coming up). I got chatting to a friend of a friend who I hadn’t met yet that evening. We were both a little worse-for-ware, as you can imagine, however we managed to have a very pleasant, interesting, and civilized conversation… He then described the conversation as being “Bella Figura”… BOOOM! I hadn’t heard the phrase before, but I really liked it and it stuck with me… A month or two later, when the band started, we were thinking of a name and we went for it! The philosophy is a good one. We use it on many levels as a band, whether it’s about our look or about our music. Ironically we can get a little scruffy in our attire, but it still works. Apparently in Italy if someone drops a plate everyone shouts “Bella Figura!!”. At the heart of the phrase, moving away from the literal “beautiful figure” (also ironic!) it’s taken to mean “be respectful” to yourself and the people around you… But also, it sounds cool.

The lyrics can cut close to the bone. I love them. They’re very honest with no ambiguity in your messages whatsoever even when you’re questioning yourself, it’s very clear to the listener what it is that you’re questioning. An experienced soul right there. A bit of a thinking woman’s crumpet :)

So, how do you work mostly because your lyrics play a massive role in your tracks as do the vocals? Lyrics come before the sound mostly or the other way round?

It can totally work either way round… Sometimes I worry the lyrics are too ambiguous! So that’s a relief. But I think the direct nature of the lyrics come from my lack of ability to write very many words, so it naturally stays short and to the point, allowing more space/time for an extended guitar solo.

Let’s get to these gorgeous vocals. In the case of Bella Figura they definitely make up the 4th instrument of the sound. I had seen the Somebody New vid a while back and the vocals struck me. When I put on Never Learn from your new EP I dropped what I was doing and at the 28 second mark I believe I went, “Hawwwwwww yyyyeahhh” :) I actually went back to the start again :) Do you get a lot of that kind of reaction from the crowds at gigs particularly from the ladies? :)

It’s hard to tell whether the crowds are really feeling “the voice”, during the gigs, as most people tend to just stand and stare (which at least is better than chatting away) but I do get complimented on the lower tone… Usually from the ladies, yes.

When you switch off from work, what do you like to listen to?

Oooooooh, where do I start?! A couple of things have really grabbed me in the last few months, things like: The War On Drugs, The Barr Brothers, Future Islands, and even the new Ben Howard album… Older favourites (without going too far back into the roots) are The National, Band Of Skulls and Band Of Horses.

Gigs. I see you have been grafting away on the gigging front. You kick started 2015 playing the Bike Shed Theatre in Devon, followed by the Proud Camden then The Barfly followed by Under the Bridge. The EP launch night is 17th April at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. What’ya got going on between now and then?

We’re playing a lot less than last year, which is nice. We really stormed the circuit playing anywhere and everywhere, but now we’re making each gig really count, so we’re not planning anything until the launch on April 17th , apart from the music video release, and other bits of promo for the EP release (same date as the gig).

Any festivals to play at in mind this year?

I’m booked in to do a solo acoustic show (which is a rare treat for any fans) over at 2000-Trees this year, then for full band stuff, we’ve got The Great Escape, Standon Calling and Wilderness. I’ve been working at Larmer Tree for a few years now, so we might make a cheeky appearance there, fingers crossed.

Any gigs/festivals you’ve got your eye on to attend this year just as a punter?

Gotta find a way into Glasto’… Usually do! I was building brightly coloured windmills in the Kidz Field last year, and before that I was a fire-marshall at the Strummerville Campfire, and before that The Joker & The Thief had a slot! Hopefully Bella Figura will be on the bill one day.

And finally, do you think you’ll ever learn? :)

Nope… Never.